Sunday, November 30, 2008

Belly Tradition

Every pregnancy I have had, I always painted my belly! Don't ask why, I just always thought it was so fun!

When Amiah was in my belly, she was a pumpkin! On my scrapbook page it says, in the heart of a pumpkin! CUTE!

Aiden was a Watermelon, only on my scrapbook page he is called a WHAT-A-MELON! HA HA

Now this baby is our little Turkey! he he he

Isn't my husband a good artist? LOL!

The kids thought it was so fun to watch their Dad paint on my belly, they wanted to join in as well! Amiah wanted a cat and Aiden wanted a Turkey like his mommas! SO FUN!

Our New Family Car!

We did it...we finally upgraded our vehicle last night. Such a huge step in life, going from a normal vehicle to a "Minivan"! There was just no way we were going to be able to fit three car seats in my little Hyundai Santa Fe.

I think our new minivan is pretty cool looking though, we ended up getting a Nissan Quest...BLACK! So my favorite color, it comes with a DVD player for the kids, with cordless headsets. That is going to be nice I think. It has all kinds of cool features to the backup sensors, to the backup is a little fancy and high tech, but very cool!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This year for Thanksgiving we had the big Turkey Day at my house! We had both sides of our family over for dinner (My side and Jacob's side). It was so nice to have everyone over for the big day! I love my family so much, we are as crazy as they come! My in-laws probably think we are all mental...but we don't care, we love it! LOL! I love my in-laws too, but I have to say, my family is pretty loud and crazy!

It was a great day from the start, beings it was my anniversary and all...AH! SO SWEET! What is even sweeter about the day, we both share our anniversary with my grandparents, and Jacob's grandparents! How cool is that?
We had so much fun all day, from eating, visiting, eating, and playing games...did I mention eating! We ended up with so much food, I was so nervous we were going to run out of food, but boy, was I wrong! We have so much food left over...guess we will be eating turkey all week!

About the playing games family loves games. We never have a get-together without playing games. We live for games! One of my cousin's taught us this new game called "Samurai"! It is the most hilarious game I have ever played...I swear I was going to give birth I was laughing so incredibly hard. I took a few pictures while they played...check these out...priceless!

First you must bow to your master
The one person sends it by making a crazy Chinese sound
This is how you have to receive it by making a crazy Chinese sound
The people on both sides of you have to cut you in the sides by making a crazy Chinese sound
Then you receive it, and send it one to someone else...It is the most funniest, loudest sounding game ever! It is a must play game I think for now on with our family!
Then we always have to do a jumping picture with everyone, so here is one of many we took!
I hope everyone else had a great Turkey Day! I know we sure had fun at mine! It just makes me so thankful for my family even more! I love them, and I am so lucky to have such a fun family, we are crazy, and we rock!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our 9 year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the Love of my Life!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish you all the best Thanksgiving Ever!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Little Mother!

This morning I was driving the kids to school, and Amiah was playing with her My little Pony baby doll. Well she told Aiden to ask her what she was doing, so he does, and then she replies, "I am feeding the baby right now"...I look back in my little mirror, and she has the pony up her shirt! Then she continues to tell Aiden that is where baby's eat, they get milk from my boob, she also said, that is what Brittnie does when she feeds Gabi! By that point I was trying so hard to hold in my laugh...what is a mom to say?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Amiah and her crazy Faces!

Every time I have my camera out, my kids think they always need their picture taken...Go Figure? LOL!

Today I was doing a shoot at my house of my niece Gabi, and Amiah wanted some pictures of herself making some pretty silly enjoy!
Thank you Amiah for always wanting your picture taken...I am glad you are so PHOTOGENIC! I love you girl, you can always put a smile on my face! You Are Such A Silly Thing!

My Seven

My Seven

I got tagged from Tami! (Thanks girl, LOL! jk, I love tags they give you something to blog about when you don't have anything to blog!)

7 things I can do
1. I can still do a cartwheel!...well not while I am pregnant of course!
2. Talk on the phone for hours...ask my friend Mindy ha ha
3. I am very blunt, so if you ask me about something, I won't hold back!
4. Disguise my voice for characters out of a story, it makes reading them so more entertaining!
5. Clean-freak! Don't ask me to organize you, I will throw everything away! Right Mom!
6. Photography, for not going to school, I think I have a pretty good eye, and I am proud of myself on how far I have come with it. I only wish and hope to learn more! Prepare Mindy...prepare! HA
7. Cook Mexican food, that puts Mexicans to shame...ask my friends, they will agree! he he

7 things I can't do
1. Get my son out of my is a task I have struggled with for years...he is attached to me.
2. Stop biting my finger nails...gross I know, but man, when you just can't find those dang clippers, teeth come in handy!
3. Can't stay up late, I am way too old and tired all the time, I love my sleep!
4. I can't sew, my mom bought me a sewing machine 3 years ago...I have used it once...I always give my projects to my mom or my mother-in-law, they are way better then me.
5. Go to bed without smelling my pillow at night. Weird huh? I know I am a freak!
6. I can't stand it when my clothes are unorganized in my drives me crazy, they have to be color coordinated.
7. I can't handle a messy house, and having crazy kids that love to bring their toys in the living room drive me crazy, it is a never ending job I try to keep up with, and I can't win!

7 things that Attracted me to my husband
1. He's HOT! Since I first saw him, he has always looked nice to me! Grrrr...HA
2. His smile, he has the most gorgeous smile.
3. His sense of humor, he is always making me laugh!
4. His love for his family, he loves his family so much.
5. His sincerity, he can be so sincere.
6. His wild side! He was such a rebel in HS, I loved it!
7. His puppy dog eyes...I love to stare into his eyes.

7 things I always say
1. No Way
2. Sweetness
3. Nice
4. Knock it off (to my kids)
5. Uhm
6. Amiah please stop talking...just for a minute...(she never shuts up)
7. AIDEN!!! (that usually isn't a good thing)

7 things I love to eat
1. Lasagna with home-made french bread
2. Green Bananas
3. My husbands Steaks...yummy, he does the best!
4. Brownies covered in powder sugar.
5. Pickles
6. Chips and Salsa
7. 7 layer bean dip! YUM!

7 People I am tagging:
1. Mindy
2. Bethany
3. Tamara
4. Heidi
5. Juliann
6. Christal
7. Brook

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog Printing

Does anyone know where you can print your blogs in books? I know I have seen a web site before, I just can't remember what it was called.

Thanks...Hope you are all doing great!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Google Images TAG

Type your answers to the following questions into google images, then post the first image that comes up, or you can cheat a little like I did! HA! Have fun!

My first name: Monica

My last name: Dominguez

My full name: Monica Joann Dominguez
The age I'll be on my next birthday: 30

A place I would like to travel: Alaska
Favorite place: My House

Favorite song: Frozen by Madonna

Favorite Color: Black
I tag...anyone who wants to have fun and is bored!

Slowest Eaters in the WORLD!

I swear by far, my kids are the slowest eaters in the world...they take forever to finish a meal! This morning it took my kids 2 HOURS to eat their cereal...2 HOURS!!! The TV is never on, they are not allowed toys at the table, some times I don't even allow talking cause it takes so long for them to eat! Which was my last option today again...but it finally worked!

Am I the only person out there that deals with this problem?

We are going to try a timer technique, just to see if that will work? We are going to set a timer for 30 minutes for dinner, and if they are not done by then, they don't get to that to mean? I just don't know what else to do?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Congratulations Chris & Emely

Yesterday we went to Emely's wedding (Jacob's cousin). She made the most beautiful bride ever! It was weird for me to go to a wedding and not have to take pictures, but I couldn't help was the most beautiful wedding to not.

We enjoyed visiting with family from out of town, they are so great! I just wanted to share just a few pictures I snapped, before Jacob would tell me to sit and relax since I wasn't working. HA HA

Friday, November 14, 2008

Who Say's That?

This morning I woke up next to my son...of course! Well my shirt was raised up, so my belly was hanging out. Aiden sat up, and patted my belly, then said, "Your belly fat like Kung Fu panda belly!" WHAT? Thanks Aiden! I know I am big because I am pregnant, but geeze!
Aiden thank you for always making me laugh! I love that you are so funny!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hair Style!

Yes, I know I am addicted to crazy hair styles lately! I love them!
Here is another fun one I did over the week!

9 Months!

Today I hit my 9th month!

For being 9 months pregnant, I am so ready to have this baby! I am not sure I am ready for the work, and the sleepless nights, but I am ready for this baby to get out of me. I want my body back to normal already!

I had a Dr Appointment today, they did an ultrasound on me, because my Dr is concerned I haven't gained enough weight with this baby. Good to know the baby is doing great, and is the perfect size! I have only gained 8 lbs so far...not bad if I had to say so...but Dr's don't like that.

I also found out that I am already dilated to a 1! Crazy for me, cause I usually take forever to dilate...I am so excited! Maybe this baby will come early!!!

Big Boy huh?

Today I was fixing Aiden a sandwich for lunch, and I asked him to go potty before he could get his food...well he came out and said, "I went potty standing up like a big boy!" He was so excited, me on the other hand was thinking...oh, how in the world could he stand up when he ended up going potty at the tall toilet?
SO, I asked Jacob to go inspect that bathroom, cause I was busy still getting his food ready. Well he for sure went potty standing up, but he didn't really get any in the was on the floor, all over the toilet seat, all over the wall, and where ever else it could of gone.
So the lesson we learned today, No more standing up inside to pee...only outside! Boys are great huh! HA HA

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Cute Hair Do!

The other day we had time before school to play with hair! YEAH! After she got home I thought I better grab a few shots of this one, it was really cute I thought!

Zig-Zag Braids along with a crazy smile! Ha ha, that is my daughter for you!

Madagascar 2

Last night, we took the kids to watch Madagascar 2! Oh my was so funny! If you seen the first and you were a fan, you have to watch the 2nd for made us all laugh!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

High School Tag

1. Did you date someone from your school? Yes...then I married him! HA HA

2. What kind of car did you drive? A maroon Chevy POS Car!

3. Did you pass your driver's license test on the first try? Yes I did!

4. Were you a party animal? Not until my Jr Year...he he...I am a rebel!

5. Were you considered a flirt? Not that I knew of...

6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? Orchestra Baby! I played the Cello and Violin!

7. Were you a nerd? Not that I knew of...

8. Were you on any varsity teams? I played Varsity Tennis for 4 years! I was undefeated my Jr Year!

9. Did you get suspended/expelled? Never

10. Can you still sing the fight song? Yeah...HA

11. Who were your favorite teachers? Mrs Grow, and Mr Wolfley

12. Where did you sit during lunch? I usually left to go to Wally's (local gas station) for Lunch!

13. What is your schools full name? Moapa Valley High School

14. School mascot and colors? Pirates - Gold and Blue

15. Did you go to Homecoming and who with? Yeah, but it wasn't a big dance...everyone just went with each other.

16. If you could go back and do it again, would you? Only if I could take my knowledge with me that I know today!

17. What do you remember most about graduation? I said the pledge of Allegiance, and I didn't have to sit with everyone, I got to sit on stage cause I was the class secretary!

18. Where did you go senior skip day? I think we went to Warm Springs?

19. Were you in any clubs? No

20. Have you gained some weight since then? Oh yes.

21. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? Already did that...yep I am old!

22. Did you have a job while in high school? Yeah, I worked at the grocery store with my was fun! She would fire me like every week! LOL!

Saturday Lazyiness

This picture pretty much explains our day today!
We did absolutely nothing...and it felt great!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Trick-or-Treating the Pirate Way!

We all dressed up as pirates and took the kids trick-or-treating around the Valley last night.

We had fun, the kids were so funny! At the beginning, they would knock on the doors, and say Trick-or-Treat, then my son would take off in the people's house...LOL! It only happened about 3 times...but it was hilarious! I was sort of embarrassed, but I couldn't help to laugh. We had to explain to them, that we don't just go into other people's homes, and we just get our candy, say Thank You, then leave. Aiden's reply was, "Why"? (of course that is what he says to everything).

There was this one house the door was half way open, and we walk up, thinking they were going to knock, and we asked Amiah if she knocked, and she said No, the door is already open. Then Aiden says, knock knock, who's there, then shuts their door. Then opens it again! I was laughing so hard, then he starts to knock on it, and finally the lady comes to the door, she thought he was adorable, so I was glad about that...cause I was getting nervous for myself LOL!

There were a few houses that decorated kind of spooky, so Amiah decided she would just wait in the car. Aiden didn't care, he was having so much fun! This is one of those houses Amiah waited in the car with me for...silly girl!

After a few different neighborhoods we decided it was late enough, and they kids made out like champs, so we called it a night! Which was fine by us, me being just about 9 months pregnant, and Jacob going off 4 hours of sleep the night before...we were pretty tired.
We hope everyone else had a great Halloween! We sure had fun!
Happy Halloween