Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Here are the kids all wide awake so early showing off their Easter baskets, just before we left to go to the Valley of Fire for sunrise mass
 Easter Egg Hunt!!!

 All the kids after the egg hunt!
 Egg Battle!!!
 Poor Amiah...she loved it though!
 Check out this trio!
 This one hilarious, naughty Bryce...LOL!
 Jeremiah chilling in the shade with his momma eating some candy!
Happy Easter everyone!  We love Easter at our house, it is the longest day, but always well worth the fun!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Coloring!

This year we got some crazy character egg decorating kit.  The kids had fun with the stickers, hair and hats.  
 Jeremiah tried to hold so still so his hat wouldn't fall off!

 There always has to be one kid that ends up with dye all over their hands!
 The wonderful eggs all decorated!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Clark County Fair 2011

Who doesn't love the fair?  We actually didn't go until the last day, the weather was so nasty, and windy, and rainy, I heard it even hailed!  But we finally gave in on Sunday, and took the kids.  They had a blast, and  were so happy to go.

Here are the kids on the pony rides!

 Here they are looking at the small animals.
 Here's Uncle Josh and Gabi and Jeremiah riding on the merry go round.
 Here's Jacob with Aiden and Amiah
 Amiah going down the big slide!
 Aiden going down too!  
 Jeremiah and Gabi on the cars.
 I love this picture...Jeremiah being himself, and Gabi in her own little world!  
 Gabi is so done...but look how happy Jeremiah is!!!
 Jeremiah had to ride alone, but that didn't bother him at all, he loved it!
Jeremiah and Aiden on the motorcycles. 
 Amiah and Gabi on the motorcycles.
 This picture is so funny to me...boys, having to check out everything as soon as they get in.
 Then we took the older kids on the balls that float on the water, they loved it.

 We watched some mini monster truck show.
We had a fun time, and they can't wait for next year!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Girls Weekend!

I booked a wedding in Salt Lake, so I flew up all by myself for the weekend with no kids.  My sister pampered me, spoiled me, and took care of me.  She is truly the best sister in the whole wide world.  We got a massage that was simply HEAVEN!!!  Then a spa pedicure, who doesn't love that!  Then she sends me all relaxed to go shoot a wedding, while her and Stephanie went back to their place and took naps...I was so jealous.  I was in the I don't care mode, and I wanted to sleep too!  LOL, but it was a great wedding, and a dear friend of mine. So I was honored to be there for her on her special day.  Then the next day, my sister took me to watch a play, it was great!  I had a wonderful time just have girl time, and not having to worry about kids, or cleaning, or cooking.  Then that night I flew back home to my crazy life, which I did miss, but the break was awesome!  Thank you sister for a weekend I will never forget!  Love you!