Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School!

Yeah, School Starts!!! Bitter sweet feeling...sad I am going to miss them while they are gone, but excited for them to learn and grow!

Amiah's going into 1st grade, she has Mrs. Jones as her teacher.

Aiden's going into the Early Childhood Program in the mornings as a Pier Model. He is an older kid, but there to help others and learn some too.
Best of Luck to my little School kid's...I love you guys and so proud of both of you!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aiden turns 5!

Here's his birthday Invitation I made for his pirate birthday party!

We had a lot of fun with it. We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, every kids' favorite! Then we played some games. They swam for a little bit, then we played this fun jello game. Whoever ate all the jello with cool whip first won! Avery won, it was close between him and his sister Anna. The others just had fun eating all that sugar!

Then once they were all cleaned up, we had a treasure hunt in the house. We hid clues all over the place. They loved that game too. It was funny to watch their little minds figure out riddles, and clues. They did really good.

Then it was time to open presents! That is always interesting with Aiden, he is so fast, and so crazy. I barely know what came from who? Sorry, but Thanks Everyone!?!

Then on to some cake! He looks so cute, this is when everyone was singing to him!
Time to blow out those candles!
Now on to breaking the pinata!
Nice Jacob...real Nice!
Once all the kid's left, we played twister, it was so fun! Misty and Sonya were always the ones who were and Regina didn't last long!
It was great to have family and friends over to help celebrate Aiden's Birthday with us. We are so thankful for such awesome family and friends. We love each and everyone of you, Thank You!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Salt Lake Trip!

We love going to Salt Lake to spend time with Misty. My two older kids went up a few days before me, to spend some time with Misty. They had a lot of fun, and I am pretty sure they wore Misty out. When I got there, we did all kinds of things. Bounce House, Quilted Bear, Swimming, played at the Park. We always have the best time up there. We loved having Misty off for the summer we were able to spend a lot of time with her. Thanks Sis for all the good times! Here are some pictures we took while we were up there.

These pictures sure show my kids personalities!
Here's my daughter...sweet, calm, and genuine.
My middle boy, crazy, wild and fun.
And my sweet angle Jer-Bear...such a kissable face! HA HA, he makes the meanest faces! I love this boy. Such a strong little guy, so tough, and yet such a momma's boy.
This was out my sister's front door. We watched them for a while. They were up there for a couple of hours...very cool!
Can't wait to come back up and see you again! We miss you already! Love you Misty!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend with Family!

We spent the weekend with Jacob's family. Maria came home from LA and brought her boy friend Chris home. Victoria, and Josh and Brittnie's family came out too.
Good thing we recently purchased a Wii. It kept them all entertained for sure, if not them, for sure the people watching them play it! Josh and Jacob I swear played every game we had. The funniest one was them boxing. They were so out of breath, sweating, and tired when they were done, it was hilarious. Maria and Chris tried it too.

I took Jeremiah and Gabi outside to play in the water, they had a blast just playing with the hose. They are both so cute together.

Friday, August 13, 2010


My little Jeremiah, he sure is growing up so fast. His latest obsessions are his "B" that is what he calls his Binky. (I know we need to break him of it...but he loves it so much) His Bear with the eyelashes! (That's right eyelashes!) We are on our 4th set of eyelashes for his bear. He has to play with eyelashes to go to bed, really annoying if you asked me (especially when you are trying to watch a good movie, and their is nothing but a little hand covering your eyes). His snacks, this kid can eat! He is probably one of my best eaters so far. His drink, preferably juice, but mostly water. He is funny, when ever he wants a drink, he wont say drink most of the time, he just makes a gulping sound. Not sure where he picked that one up for, but it is really funny. He is starting to let me know when he poops too, he will come tell me "butt", then I know he needs his butt changed. He is a super funny little guy, always making me laugh. He gives the best hugs, and the best dirty looks ever! He is starting to talk more, and I love to listen to him. He is always trying to be just like his older brother, and he just adores his sister. Jeremiah my little Jer-Bear, I love you, and I am so proud to be your mom, you bring our family so much joy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swimming Lessons

This summer I decided to put my kids in swimming lessons, due to the fact they both were still scared to put their face under water. Well, a week before it started, they decided it was fun to go under water. Beings we had a pool in our backyard, they got real used to the water, and so needless to say, swimming lessons wasn't all that new to them. But they still had a lot of fun with the kids and their teachers.
Jeremiah watching lessons with me!
Diving Board Time!!! Yeah Amiah!!!
WOOOO...nope, not going to do it.
Don't Cry Amiah, it's Ok!
You can just jump off the side! Much Better huh!
Aiden Your Up! (Well this is as far as he got...then he was like, just kidding, then got back into the water)
Party Time!
It was fun, glad it's over, and can't wait for next summer!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amiah's Long Hair....GONE.

Her hair was long, and so beautiful. But it really needed to be cut for her to be able to wash and brush it herself. It was just too long for her to do it herself. So I got permission from Jacob to cut it off, we ended up cutting 5 1/2 inches off. I was sad to see it off, but it feels so much healthier, now she will be able to wash her own hair in the bath. Her new hair cut looks really cute on her, and I am excited to style it! I am still not used to seeing her with shorter hair. I love you Amiah, you are so beautiful!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

California Trip!

We spent a weekend in California with my family. It was the best weekend ever, my kids had a blast playing with their cousins. I love spending time with my family, we had so much fun. My family lives 10 minutes from the beach, so that was great! We day camped there on Saturday, it was so much fun. Here are some pictures of the kids playing in the waves, and sand.

We even saw some dolphins!

A wave came and took my little Jeremiah down...
But don't worry, suckers make you feel so much better!
Here's my Uncle Joel (The Mayor) and his wife Aunt Sharla enjoying the waves, and watching the kids play.
We had a ton of fun, got really sun burnt (even though you didn't even see the sun). I can't wait to take them back! I love my family, and miss them already.
On Monday morning we drove around the rich part of town, and saw this beautiful house with a gorgeous yard. So I went and asked the owners if I could use their yard for a small family session real quick! She was so nice, and let us! I guess the house we photographed at was known for it's landscaping and has even been in magazines! COOL HUH!
We love you Patino's and Jolley's. We can't wait to see you all soon!