Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Amiah!

Amiah turned 6! I can't believe my daughter is getting so big!
Her birthday was on a Thursday, so I brought some brownies and cupcakes for all the kids in her class for her. She was so excited!
Then that evening she wanted to go out to eat at Samurai 21. She loves to watch those chefs cook in front of you. Her favorite part was when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her, and she got cake! She said she has always wanted to do that, It was a lot of fun. Once we got home she opened up her presents from us, and her grandparents.
My sister was able to come down so we were so excited to have her...She was such a help with the parties. Because on Saturday she had a friend birthday party, then that evening a party with all the relatives.
Here she is blowing out her candles at her friend party!
And then once again...candle blowing out at the family party. She became a pro by the end of it all!
I swear it seemed like a birthday that would never end...but it was so fun for her.
Happy Birthday Sweety! I hope you have the best year ever, we love you, and wish nothing but the best for you! We are so proud of you, you are such an amazing daughter, and we are truly blessed to have your in our lives!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


My little mommas boy! I get this face and arm motion ALL DAY LONG! He will say momma...up!

Just wanted to share such a cute face!

Blanket FUN!

The other night the kid's were having fun with the blankets dragging Jeremiah around. Then Jacob got involved and was dragging Amiah and Aiden. They love doing this, it is fun, cause we have so much tile! Here's Amiah dragging Jeremiah, he looks like a little frog on there. He loved it, he laughed the whole time.

We get creative for fun around here!


So the other day the two older kids where just laughing so hard, so I went to see what was going on, and poor Jeremiah was walking around the house with his overalls at his ankles. They kept falling off but they never went all the way down. Well I guess they finally did! Amiah and Aiden thought it was hilarious!

Knowing me, I had to grab the camera! I love it!

My sweet Niece Gabi!

Here's Gabi playing outside, she is so cute! She was just walking everywhere talking, and playing with Moe, following my kid's around everywhere.

Her curls remind me so much of Amiah's hair when she was this little. She is so cute, I had to post this picture. I can't wait for Gabi's new sister to get here!

Boys with their Toys on Wheels!

Aiden loves his four wheeler! I thought it would be fun for Jeremiah to go for a ride, so one day I put him on with his brother. It was so cute, Jeremiah loved it. They had so much fun.
At first Aiden was nervous Jeremiah was going to fall off, so when they would go down the hill, Aiden would let go of the handle bars and hold onto his brother! It was so cute, but scary at the same time! Jacob went chasing after them to make sure they weren't going to fall off. They were fine though. Jeremiah wants to be a big boy so bad, he loves his older brother. They are like little twins, so fun!

Look Out!

Uncle Josh got my two older kid's BB Guns for Christmas! He came out a couple of weeks ago, and taught them how to shoot it! I missed Aiden's lesson cause I was inside with Jeremiah. But I got to take Amiah's picture shooting it, she looked so cute! She is a pretty good Aim too, so LOOK OUT!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stomach Flu Hit us ALL!

It all started with me the weekend after Christmas, it was just a 24 hr bug. But I got better enough to go to Salt Lake. While I was gone, Jeremiah got it. Then the day we came back, Jacob had it. Then the next day Aiden got I knew Amiah was next. BUT she didn't get it until a whole week later, and boy I guess it saved the best for last! She missed 4 day's of school, she had a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and fatigue. Poor thing, she wouldn't eat much, she was just skin and bones. Once she was feeling better, I baked cookies, Cinnamon rolls, cakes. All types of fattening foods just to put some meat on her again. Aiden was in heaven! She was so pale and skinny, she just laid around the house all day. I felt so bad for her. But she is 100% better, thank goodness! It wasn't fun dealing with vomiting kids for a few was always someone! Here's a picture of the two kids sick being bums in their PJ's relaxing on the couches watching some TV.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


We didn't do a darn thing...we slept! It was well needed sleep from dealing with sick kids all week!

We hope you all had a wonderful New Years TOO!