Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet Talia

I went in to see my two beautiful nieces and to take newborn pictures of Talia! Here are a few of them along with Talia's birth announcement I designed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My New Neice Arrived!!!

Josh and Brittney had their newest little angel! Meet Talia! She is so beautiful!
Here's the proud big sister Gabi!

We went in to Vegas to go see them at the hospital! They wouldn't let any of the kids go see her, so we will have to wait until she gets to go home.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Amiah's Cinderella Pageant

Amiah still loves to compete in Pageants, so I entered her in one in Vegas. She had a lot of fun, and she looked super cute! Here she is getting ready for interviews!

Here she is on stage in her Casual Wear!

Here she is in her Formal Wear...(LOVE THE DRESS!!! It's the one me and my mom made!!!)

Here she is in her Tot Personality on stage! She did great!
Here she is getting a trophy for an optional winner for pretties Hair! (GOOD JOB ME!!!)
Here she is winning second place as Cinderella Beauty! She got another trophy, with a crown and sash!
Here's all the winners!
We are so proud of you Amiah, you are so beautiful inside and out! We love you and can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Clark County Fair 2010

We spent Friday at the fair with our little family! Amiah went to the Fair earlier in the day with the whole Elementary school. When we got there, we snatched her from her class then went to explore the grounds. Here she is hugging "Mojave Max" the turtle.

Then we went and saw the sting are allowed to touch them and feed them if you want. Me and Jacob fed them some raw shrimp. (I got an allergic reaction of course) It was weird though, they couldn't find it at first so they kept sucking all over the place on your hand till they found it.

Then right next to them was this huge blow up balls you stick your kids in, and they float on top of the water and try to move was hilarious. They looked like little hamsters in there! Amiah loved it, but Aiden didn't like it so much...he got scared, started crying, so they let him out early. Poor guy!
The good ol' rides! We took them on the rides, Aiden LOVES the rides, Amiah was brave this year...thank goodness. She actually liked them too! Here they are on a few of many they went on.

Here's Jeremiah so HOT in his car seat...not really having fun. It was way past his nap time...he was a trooper though.
After a while on the rides, the kids started getting hot, so we treated them to some ice cream! Jeremiah absolutely loved it! First time for him! He ate the whole thing...and he was wanting more after his was gone, it was so funny.

Once they got cooled off with the ice cream we went on the Pony Rides!!! Amiah's favorite thing to do every year!

Jeremiah's first pony ride....HE HATED IT! Until the very end, then he started to enjoy himself. Silly kid!
Then the kids wanted to see the Children's Pirate show...little did they know they were going to be in it! Amiah was a turtle in the ocean...and Aiden was a Pirate on the ship! They had a lot of fun participating with the kids. The lady who put it all together was so funny, I really liked her accent!

Here's Aiden saying "ARRRR" on stage!
Here's Amiah swimming with the fish in the ocean!
ALL DONE! GOOD JOB KIDS! Here they are taking a BOW! YEAH!!!
After the show we bought them a pirate hat and a eye patch! They loved it!
Then we were all fair'ed out...way to hot, expensive, and we just wanted to get away from the crowd! So we went home and we all took naps! See you next year Fair, BYE!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Aiden's preschool field trip to the FAIR!

The Head Start preschool decided to take the kids to the fair as a field trip! It was a lot of fun watching 14 3-4 year olds watch everything. They all held onto the ring rope, and off they went! They always have a little children's section at the Fair, so the parents can stop and let their child run free. It is a nice little area, they even do free face painting...but my kids wanted them on their arms instead! Aiden got a skull and cross bones. Sorry my pictures are so crappy...they were taken with my cell phone. For the first time I actually forgot my camera!

Jeremiah got a spider! He thought it was so cool, he kept pointing at it all day.

Here is a picture of some kids playing with the foam blocks.
Here is my little music boy in the music section...banging and dancing away with Grandma Jolley.
It was a lot of fun for the kids, I am glad they all got to go and have fun. They watched the dog show, saw all the baby animals, and even saw the sting rays!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sewing Away!

My mom and I wanted to make a dress for Amiah's upcoming pageant. I found a super cute dress online, so without a pattern, we created a similar version on it, not knowing anything. It was very mind boggling, and fun! I thought it turned out really cute, my mom did an awesome job on the sewing, Thanks Mom! Here are a few pictures I took while the work was in progress...I love them!

Work in progress!


You didn't see that right?

SHOOT! I guess you did!

DON'T WORRY...I can fix it!!!

Stop taking my pictures!!!

See...I fixed it!

YEAH!!! It's almost done!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My lil' Jer-Bear!

Such a personality this boy is getting! He is so funny, he makes me smile everyday! Lately he has been doing this "cheese face". I am not sure where he got it from, I never really make my kid's say cheese...but he does it so cute! Here he is enjoying some mac n cheese, (with egg free noodles of course) making that silly cheese face!

I love my Jer-Bear!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun 2010

I love Easter! Even though it seems to start off really early for us, it is a great day for family fun. Here are the kid's awake before the sun, checking out what the Easter Bunny left for them. Then we headed to the Valley of Fire for sunrise mass.
The kid's always get so dirty! But they love it!!!
Easter Egg Hunt! Go Jeremiah! He found his first Egg! Then he threw it, and played in the sand for the rest of it.
Here is Amiah and Aiden finding eggs with Grandma Dominguez.
Then we headed back to my house for a great Easter lunch. Then the battle begins! First we decided to hide a few confetti eggs for the kids. Amiah doesn't like getting them cracked on her, but she found a bunch, then disappeared for the fun. (Smart Girl)

Here's my aunt Melodie cracking an egg on Aiden's head!
Kayla got Jeremiah!
Then the real battle begins. We made a rule this year...what ever eggs you save, you were allowed to fill them with what ever you wanted.
We will never do this again! It was disgusting!
We had stuff from, real eggs, BBQ sauce, baby food, oil, glitter, pickle juice, flour, syrup, carmel, mustard, mayo, dish soap, sardines, peas, and garlic! (Thanks Spencer!)
We had fun, until we got the sardine peas and garlic eggs...then it just got gross.
I love this shot! Bryce in the air attacking Seth...then you get a great shot of Sonya's Head!
Joe's face is so funny! Can we say determination?
GROSS huh Seth!!!
Then we all wanted a group shot...I just had to post this picture, it is so funny!
I am literally gagging, because I stunk so bad. I look terrible, but it was so funny!!! I laugh everytime I look at it!
Time to hose everyone off...then time to shower and play games inside...all cleaned up!
We decided next year...we are just sticking to flour and confetti from now on. It was fun though, but stinky!
I love family traditions, I hope you all had a great Easter as well! A big thanks to Kristy for taking these pictures with my camera for me. She was prego, so she was safe and clean!