Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

Here are some pictures of us carving pumpkins with Grandma and Grandpa Dominguez! The kid's each have their favorite thing to do while we carve them...

Aiden likes to watch...he hates getting messy!
Amiah really like to trace the lines with the poker! She did actually really well!

Jeremiah just wanted to get messy! He was crawling all over in those seeds, he even tasted them...GROSS!
Here's me and Amiah tracing pictures on some, while Aiden attempts to clean out his didn't last to long for him.
Once we were done, Aiden had to give them a ride in the wagon...of course! We had fun, they turned out really cute. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of them at night all lite up.

Halloween Costumes

Here are my kid's in their Halloween costumes.
Aiden was the Transformer Bumble Bee
Amiah was a Zombie Fairy
Jeremiah was a dragon
(Jeremiah didn't want to put his hat on...I wish he did, he is so cute in it...But it was either have a picture of a screaming boy, or a content none screaming boy in a dragon body outfit!)
We hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amiah's Halloween Parade and Class Halloween Party

At Amiah's school the they have a Halloween Parade, and each class has their little Halloween Party. Me, and my mom and the boys all came to watch Amiah walk in her little Halloween parade. It was so cute! There were some cool looking costumes...but I have to be prejudice, and say my daughter was the cutest prettiest zombie fairy ever!
Here she is waving to her Grandma!
Here she is decorating her cookie in her class party!
My friend Misty is the room-mother, so I stayed for the party and helped her. It was fun to see Amiah in her class. She is so smart, and so big! I am so proud of her and all she is accomplishing! I love you Amiah, you are awesome girl, keep up the good work!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aiden's Halloween Parade at Preschool

Aiden's preschool does a little Halloween parade through the reservation main roads. It is really cute, the kids all march in their costumes singing Halloween songs to everyone. Here is a group picture of all the kids before we went outside.
It was really cold and windy that day, so he is all bundled up in his warm coat. I didn't take that many pictures cause I was pushing the stroller around. But I dressed Jeremiah in his costume too, but it was so cold, I kept him wrapped up in the stroller, and he passed out during the parade.
Once we got home I put him in his crib, and he slept in his costume for 3 hours! I couldn't believe it, he must of been really warm and cozy, and really worn out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cookie Making Fun

Today we made some Halloween Cookies with the Herrings! It was so fun hanging out with Misty and all her kiddo's!
Our kids are so close in age so it's great to get together with her and let them all play. Amiah one of her daughters are in the same class in Kindergarten, and Aiden and her other daughter go to preschool together. We car pool with each other, since we are always going places at the same time. It is great! I get the morning shift, and she takes the afternoon shift.
Here are some pictures of the Halloween cookie making madness! I love cooking with kids, it is so fun!
Here's Victoria
It was a sugar fun filling time! Can't wait till the next baking day!

My little Helper

The other day I was doing the dishes, and I looked down at Jeremiah; he had climbed inside the dishwasher. Now ever since that day, Jeremiah is obsessed with the dishwasher. He loves to climb inside and take out all the utensils. He is so funny, he loves to make so much noise. He gets the utensils, and starts beating them on everything, then starts dancing along to the beat. He is my little musical boy!

Sickness...still lingering

Sorry I haven't posted that is has been one crazy past couple of months for us. From being super busy with photography, and dealing with sicknesses...we are burned out.
3 of us in this house is sick...or has been sick the last couple of months. Jeremiah has has it the longest. He has been to the Dr 3 times. But he just keeps getting viral colds, where they can't give him anything. It looks good for him though, he is getting better, he just has that cough that won't go away.
I got laryngitis, I am going on my 3rd week...I finally have my voice back thank goodness, but I have this cough that simply will not go away!

Jacob is suffering from a sinus infection and cough that lingers.

We are all just ready to get better already, and get back to feeling normal.

This morning Amiah woke up with a runny nose...I just hope she doesn't come down with anything, cause it seems to linger way to long! Just Aiden is the healthy one...let's just pray he doesn't come down with anything with this weather changing colder...AH, I am worn out!

Halloween Carnival at the Grocery Store

My mom is in charge of all the events at the grocery store. So this last weekend was the annual Halloween carnival. The kids got dressed up and were so excited to go see Grandma at work. They got to play all types of different games, and marched in the costume parade contest. Amiah even won the very first cake walk!
We had fun, and enjoyed some cupcakes when we got home! Now the kid's just can't wait to go trick-or-treating this weekend!

Amiah's First Soccer Season - ALL DONE!!!

We had a great time taking my little Amiah to her soccer games every weekend. Those girls are so fun to watch...I swear, it is their social hour, instead of game time! They are just so cute out there, trying so hard to impress their parents. We love it!

Here are just a few more pictures I wanted to share of our last game! That they actually WON! WOO HOO!!! Go Blue!!!

Here's Amiah doing a back kick for the ball! So Talented!!! LOVE IT!

My little Rockin Star!
I swear like 70% of the time she was running, she would run with her tongue sticking out...Who does that?
Here she is with her medal! SO PROUD!!! First thing she said was, "Can we put this with all my pageant trophies when we get home?" OF COURSE SWEETY!
We are so proud of you Amiah, you did an awesome job for going in to this, not knowing nothing! We can't believe you were so tough at the games...I so thought you were going to scream your head off after falling on the ground, several times. But you hung in there, and loved every minute! We loved watching you, and can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings your way.

My Jeremiah!

He is become quite the little wanderer these days. His favorite place is the bathroom! We have to always make sure we close the seat to the toilet, cause that is his favorite spot for sure. If that is closed, then he of course has to move on to better the toilet paper! I caught this little guy having a blast in my bathroom one morning...I just had to snap a few!
He is just too cute, how could I get mad at a face like this?

A day at the Park with me and my boys!

We went to the park to play around, and I thought these were just too cute to not post!

We love going to the park especially since the weather has been so awesome the last few weeks.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Naughy Naughty!

Jeremiah is just getting more and more curious about everything! Which is a good thing, cause he is learning, but when you touch my TV...I have to draw the line!

Here is my little guy playing around, turning the TV off and on. He just thought he was too funny!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jeremiah Getting BIG!

My little baby took 2 whole steps tonight! I can't believe how big he is getting. He is such a great baby, he is always so happy, and boy does he love his momma! He always gives me the best hugs, and kisses! His daddy gets jealous sometimes...sorry Dad!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Recent Salt Lake Trip

I know, I have been major slacking on my blog...I am sorry! I am swamped with photography right now.
We went to Salt Lake last weekend, just me and the two older kids. We had so much fun! I left my baby home with his daddy all weekend. It was a nice break for me, but at the same time I missed him like crazy!
While me and the two kids were there, we did all types of exciting things!
We picked out their Halloween costumes!
We went to the pumpkin patch!
Amiah looking Oh so cute by a pumpkin!
Aiden picked this pumpkin for him!
Here is all of our pumpkins in the wheel barrow!
Here is Aiden playing on the tractor! He loved that thing!
We also went up in the canyons and looked at all the amazing colors of the leafs!
Here is Stephanie, Misty, Amiah and Aiden waving to me!
Look - Acorns! (Amiah thought they were really cool!)
Here's Aiden making a leaf angel!
My sister and the kids.
And then Misty wanted to take one of me and the kids!
We even attempted to take a few fun pictures of the kids while we were up there. They were troopers, cause it was so cold, but they did great!
The kids' also feed the horses next to my sister place, they love those horses. They even played with Lizzy (the dog).

All and all, we had a blast! I love the fall season, and being able to actually see it is great! My sister is so lucky to be able to live in such a beautiful area where she can experience all those in the desert, we don't get much season changes here. So it is nice to take a break from life, and go up there and play.

Friday, October 2, 2009

She's a Tiger - "ROAR"

The other day we went to Aiden's preschool BBQ for fun. There they had a face painting booth. Amiah jumped at the chance to get her face painted. Aiden on the other hand decided to go outside and play in the jump house. So we patiently waited our turn, while the boys went and played. Amiah already knew what she wanted by the time we got up there.

Success, I had one proud girl on my hands! So on the way home, she wanted me to take some pictures of her, which I did no argument there! So here are a few, we had fun!