Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Memorial Weekend!

Misty and Stephanie spent the weekend with us, so we made sure they didn't get bored...we tried to keep them busy! Here are some pictures we took of random things we did...sorry, we didn't take pictures of everything, but I know, we should of!
Saturday morning, Misty and Stephanie joined my cousin Jonathan in a game of paint balling! As you can see...they were pretty excited (looking all tough and stuff)
But...they LOST BIG TIME! You should of seen their bruises they had going on! Poor girls! I felt bad for them...but they had fun, I think? LOL!
Then we went to Amiah's preschool graduation! (pictures below on previous post)
Then it was "Ladies Night Out"! We had so much fun, we all went to dinner at Pumi's. Some of my cousin's had never been to a place like that it was exciting to watch their reactions.
Here is a picture of all of us...
(L to R) Stephanie, Carol, Amiah, Misty, Melodie, Kayla, Me, and Jessy.
Then off to bowling! I took more, but I just liked this picture! (you can tell I had just my crappy point and shoot camera)
After that, we went home and crashed...
Sunday we had a BBQ at my house, it was lots of fun. We ate, played games, and visited with everyone! I love it when everyone comes over, it is so fun!
I can't forget about my little Jer-Bear, he was entertained just watching these crazy's play all day long!
Here are some pictures of the kid's playing around with Misty and Steph
(sorry they are so blurry...they are super fast)
Then on Monday, we woke up, worked out, went swimming, then back to Vegas and meet up with cousin's and went to Sky Mania! That place is a blast, we had so much fun...but man...we got tired...HA HA. (here's Misty and Steph all exhausted at my aunt's house)
My kids had a blast at sky mania, they were loving it! I for sure have to take them there again. Then we went to my aunt's house and had dinner, watched some comedians, and played games. I wish I had pictures of everything that went on that day, we had so much fun.
I can't wait, in two week's we get to go to Misty's house, and play! WOO HOO!!!
Thanks sister for an awesome weekend, I hope you had as much fun as we did! LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My little Graduate!

On Saturday, Amiah graduated from her preschool! Her preschool is on the reservation, and they go every Monday thru Thursday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. She has been going there for two years now. This last year, Aiden got to join the class!
She has learned so much from that school, she is so smart for her age! I was so proud of her, she looked so stinking cute in her little cap and gown. Right before her graduation, I snapped a few pictures of her at the house. She was so excited to wear the cap and gown.
Here she is walking...(her teacher told her to walk her cap wouldn't fall off) She is so focused!
Here she is receiving her Certificate of completion!
Here she is walking out...I had to tell her to smile...she was still too serious! LOL
Here is a picture of Aiden...being crazy during the ceremony.

Then after the graduation, the children all participated in a small program for everyone. It was really cute, they did great! My son even busted out in a few solo's! I was laughing so hard...but I was so proud he was actually singing along!
Here is a picture of all the kid's singing songs, and nursery rhymes.
Congratulations Amiah, we are so proud of you, and love you so much!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Shows!

I am sad that my favorite shows hit their season finale this last week...Now what I am I going to watch? I can't wait for the fall to start up! HURRY HURRY!
Man...I need to get a life! HA HA

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sitter in Progress!

I have been trying to work with Jeremiah to learn how to sit! He can do it for a few minutes, then he tips over! He is doing great though...I started a few weeks ago, so we just practice a litte everyday!

He is such a QT!

I got a NEW LENS!

I got a new canon lens...EF24-70mm F2.8L!

I wanted to try it out, and my kid's were in the room playing!

I love my new is sweet! I am having so much fun with it! Thanks to my wonderful hubby for such an awesome Mother's Day Gift! I love you!

Jeremiah's 5 months old now!

I can't believe how big Jeremiah is getting...he weighs 14lbs! BIG BOY! He loves to be talked to, he hates to be ignored. (Who doesn't!) He really likes squash, and he is now on the bottle. He still absolutely loves his bath, and soaks me every time! He just adores his big sister Amiah, every time she walks in the room, he lights up! He hates loud noises, he cries really hard. When I vacuum, I have to tell Amiah to hold his hand, so he doesn't get scared. He is my little cuddle bug, he loves to sleep right next to you. He won't drink his bottle if there is a lot of noise going on, he needs it to be quite. He says Momma!!! I know he is just making the sounds...but it sounds just like Momma! He loves to pucker his lips and spit, he does it all the time! He is such a happy baby, except when he is really tired! We love having him around, he is so much fun!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pissed Out! today I took the kids to Mesquite after lunch to do some grocery shopping.

We pull into the parking lot, and Amiah says to me, "Mom, Aiden is pissed out"...I am thinking what? So I looked back, and he is hunched over in his car seat asleep...

I get it...HE IS PASSED OUT! I said to her he isn't pissed out, he is passed out, and she started laughing...she then said, I guess I just forgot that word!
Silly things they say I swear, cracks me up! I love it, Free Entertainment!

Naughty Thumb Sucking Baby

The other day I had to get some pictures edited from some previous I put Jeremiah in his crib, turned his mobile on for some sky entertainment...he was just talking away, and then after the mobile stopped...he stopped too. Well it was like 5 minutes of pure silence, so I got kind of worried, so I went and checked on him.

I found him sound asleep sucking his thumb laying on his tummy!

It was so cute, but I wasn't to thrilled of the whole thumb sucking thing.

Just can't seem to get it!

Poor little Jer-Bear...he just can't seem to get the whole roll back over thing yet! He does great from his back to his belly, he is actually quit fast at it. But he can't seem to figure out how to get back onto his back yet.
He will stand on his tippy toes, and put his butt straight in the air, the only problem is his arms are stuck out with his elbows out. So when he goes to twist, he can't cause his arms are still out...he gets so mad, but he just keeps trying and trying. He has done a couple of times on the bed, but it was by accident! Hopefully soon he will get it, it would make him so happy to be able to roll everywhere!

Silly baby!

Cute Hair Style

I absolutely love it when I get a chance to try new hair styles on Amiah! This last week we tried this little style on her, and she loved it...She actually wore it two day's in a row, by her request! I love it when she likes something I try on her! It was really simple, and super cute!

She wanted to clip her bangs back though...she thinks she looks like Elizabeth when she does that! How cute huh!


The other day I swear it was baking day at the Dominguez house! We were on a roll...the kid's loved it of course! They love to help me in the kitchen any chance they get, especially when they get to lick whatever yummy thing we make!

Here are a few pictures of them helping me...
Enjoying licking the chocolate cake batter!
Waiting patiently for those cupcakes to finish!
All the yummy goodies we made...2 loafs of banana bread, scotcheroos, and chocolate cupcakes!

Jacob ate one loaf when he got home...then the other loaf he took to work with him! The kid's ate the cupcakes for a couple of days...and shared with Grandpa. The scotcheroos were my favorite...but I couldn't stand to eat to much of Jacob finished 3/4 of the pan! Then the rest just went to little Aiden...that kid can eat! (not when he supposed to though)

Jeremiah's Allergic Reaction

Jeremiah's allergic to egg...while I nursed I couldn't eat any egg...he would break out all over his face...
The other day I made something that called for eggs, and I forgot to wash my hands...I grabbed his Binky, and put it in his mouth. Well a few minutes later he spit his Binky out and I saw all these spots over his mouth where the Binky would be! CRAZY HUH! Poor baby, I hope he grows out of it.
This wasn't the first break out he has had with me touching eggs then him...I think I learned my lesson though...Constantly wash my hands!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


His new thing he says these day's when he comes home from school, and he wants a snack...He will say, "Mommy...gimmy a snack, I so starving hungry"!

I love this kid!

Pajama Day!

It was pajama day at school last Thursday! The kid's thought it was great to be able to go to school in their pajama's! I myself thought it was even cooler!!! I just had to do their hair, then send them off! I love my kid's preschool!

Hooray for Cousin's!

Last week Devin and Elizabeth came to visit us! They moved away in December to Washington, and we haven't seen them since! But since Sonya got married...they came down for the wedding and reception!
My kid's had a blast with them! From the moment they walked in the door, they didn't stop playing till they were buckled in the car to go home! Thanks for coming to see us! We can't wait to see you guys again soon!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Visit with Uncle Dennis and Aunt Diana!!!

I was so excited when my uncle Dennis called me up asking to stay at my house!!! We had a lot of family in town the weekend my cousin got it was so much fun to have people stay with me!

My kid's loved the extra attention, and I loved the extra help! My aunt Diana loved Jeremiah, and the two loved hanging out with my uncle Dennis.

We sure enjoyed their visit, and can't wait for them to come back sometime! Next time we go out on the four wheelers...I want Diane to drive the whole time!!! HA HA! Love ya guys! Thanks for staying with us, we enjoyed your company, and hope you guys had a great time!!!

Amiah & Elizabeth

Here are a couple pictures of these two cute girl's getting ready for Sonya's reception! They wanted their hair exactly the same, so we hot curled them, and styled them the same! They were so cute! They had a blast hanging out with each other all weekend!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jeremiah found his feet!

I think it is the cutest thing when babies find their feet! I love it when grabs is feet, he just looks too cute! He always does it when I am changing his diaper. TOO CUTE!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Aunt Misty Visit!

Last weekend my sister came and saw us! It was a really short visit for the kids, however, they managed to to have all sorts of fun! We love it when she comes and see us, the kids have such a blast with her, and I love it, cause I get to spend time with my most favorite person ever!

They build a fort!

They played pretty pretty princess! (I love Amiah's earrings...she said she had to put them there, since she already had real ones in!)

Then we all played hide-n-seek! I thought it would be fun to find everyone with the camera! It was great!
We had a great time, and we can't wait to see her again!