Sunday, February 28, 2010

Park fun with the Family!

We had Josh's birthday at the park. It was fun to get the kid's out of the house, and we also enjoyed some yummy food! Here are some pictures from our day of play!
We love slides! I just love Jeremiah's and Gabi's expressions!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Play Date!

I love getting together with the is so nice to have adult conversations! This time it was at Kylie's house. Here is a picture I stole from Ashlee's blog. I forgot my camera this bad.
L to R
Mandy, Alyssa, Adriana, Janeza, Ashlee, Isaac, Isabelle, Me, Jeremiah, Aiden, and Kylie and Paige.
Thank you girls for all you do for me, and I am so blessed to have such amazing friends! I love you guys!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Amiah lost her 2nd Tooth!

Amiah's second loose tooth finally came out; with a little help! That girl could twist that thing around, and it just wouldn't come out. She babies those little things when they are loose, so they last a while. I get so frustrated and just want to grab it and yank it out. But I never want to be the bad guy, so I have to hold myself back. My mom gave her a bath and asked to see the back teeth, well she stuck her fingers in her mouth, and oops...accidentally bumped that loose one out! YEAH!
Here she is with her new smile...two bottom ones gone!
She was excited, and super excited to find some money under her pillow the next day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Here are my kiddo's with their little kiss on their cheek from their momma. I love doing this every year.

Here they are with their gifts from mom and dad.
We Love You Kids!

Moapa Zoo

Roo's and More Zoo in Moapa!
We went on Valentine's day with Grandma and Grandpa Dominguez to the zoo across the street from us!
We had fun, there are a lot of different types of animals there, I was surprised there were so many over there. The kid's really liked being able to touch them, and feed them food.
Here are some pictures of the kid's enjoying the zoo.
Funny Story!
This little monkey was so cute...he became Jacob's best buddy! He started grooming Jacob's hairy arm, then he played peek-a-boo in his shirt. Then he decided he wanted to sit on Jacob's shoulder. We were running late to go with the tour group, so we were trying to hurry, but Jacob's little buddy didn't want to get off. Jake tried to get him off, but the monkey bit his finger, then bit his ear! That monkey bit Jake so hard he started to bleed...I of course was laughing so hard. Jacob didn't think it was very funny, so he said, "Screw this, I am going home!" So he walked home, since it was just across the street. Aiden wanted to go home with his dad, cause he got smacked in the face by a kangaroo! I guess those animals just don't like my poor boys...Ha Ha Ha.
I don't think Jacob wants to go back...he said if he does...he is going to hurt that little monkey...Poor Monkey! He is so cute!

Friday, February 12, 2010


This was a while ago, but I ran across this picture and had to post it...He loves his snacks...I swear all he does is eat! He will go to the cabinet and get his snacks out and bring them to me and say sit down. He is so fun, I enjoy his little personality.

I taught him some sign language, big thanks to Kylie...I see Paige her daughter doing some and it is just too cute. He tells me eat, more, milk, and all done. We are working on thank you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kissy Kissy!

My baby is such a loveable little guy! He is so cute when he gets into his kissy mode. He even makes this cute little smooch noise! Here he is giving his sister a smooch! One of many that night...he is so cute!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

FINALLY! 1st Missing Tooth!

For the past month or so, Amiah's had this wiggly tooth. It should of been out a lot sooner, but she babied it really bad. Everyday she would ask me to feel it, and see how wiggly it was, and everyday I would wiggle it till she said stop.
Her poor other tooth was already coming in, and so it was to the point where I was giving out threats...either you pull it, or I will, and if I can't, then we have to go to the Dentist, and he will!

Finally she said, how about I go get an apple, and I bet I can get it out. So, she got the apple...was biting it, but totally not using her tooth. She was biting from the sides. I kept telling her to stick her tooth in it, and bit down really hard. But nope...Then I said Amiah, that poor thing needs to get out, stick your nail in the back of it, and poke down in the hole, so she did, and OUT POPS that TOOTH! She thought it was a piece of apple that fell out, she didn't know that her tooth was out. Once she realized it was out, she was so excited, found her tooth on the ground, and went right to the mirror! She was in shock! Then she noticed it was bleeding, and for once...she didn't cry on the site of blood! She said, "My mom mouth is bleeding", and I said I know, and it doesn't even hurt huh! She was like NOPE! But it's bleeding, so I gave her some Kleenex to hold there until it stopped. Then it was off to the phone to call everyone! She was so excited!
Then that night the GENEROUS Tooth Fairy left her a whole $10's! (Dad should carry smaller dollar bills in his wallet!) Then next morning, she was so excited...came and woke me up at 6 A.M. and showed me it! Then she had told me she really wanted $100! WHAT? Right!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who Dressed My Son?

My mom is such an awesome Grandma! She is always there for me and my kid's when we need her. She likes to help me out as much as she can. Well the other day she helped me with sorting and folding laundry...well some might of got a little mixed up!

The other night, she decided to help Aiden with his PJ's, which is a nice help for me. Well Aiden came out, and the poor boy had capri's on! I was laughing so hard...I had to take a picture! My mom thought they were Aiden's pants, but really those were Jeremiah's Pajama's! It was so funny! I can't believe my poor 4 year old son is skinny enough to wear 12 month pants too, they even were baggy!
I know my mom was trying to help...but it was so funny! Sorry...I love you mom!