Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our dinner visiter!

Tonight while we were eating dinner, I looked out the door window on our back patio...and noticed a snake! YUCK!!!

I hate the desert, and anything that lives or creeps among it! I am very wimpy when it comes to insects and reptiles...I freak out!!!

Jacob went out the garage and grabbed the shovel...walked over to the patio, walked right to it, then cut the creepy things head off! GROSS, yeah, my kids were totally watching the whole thing! Amiah was like, look Aiden, that is blood, see that red stuff, yeah that is blood! WHO SAYS THAT! SO, needless to say we had one eventful evening...I know I am not going to be going outside without taking a good peek at whats on the ground first!

Come to find it out, it was only a Gopher Snake! WHO was still a FREAKIN SNAKE!!!

It's Cereal Time!

Now that Jeremiah is 4 months, we can start feeding him baby cereal, and green vegetables! Here are a couple pictures of him eating cereal for the first time...he wasn't so sure about it...I think it came out of his mouth faster then we could put it in...but he did great. I think he managed to get a little down? Ha ha

Jeremiah 4 months Old!

My Jer-Bear is 4 months old now...

He weighs 14 lbs...and he is such a happy baby! He hardly ever cries...he does like to whimper when I walk by him, and I don't pick him up...LOL, but he is an awesome little guy! He is so happy, and makes the most funniest noises! He loves his bath, and loves to watch his older brother and sister. He has the cutest little laugh, and smile. We love you Jeremiah...thank you for being apart of our lives.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chocolate Heaven!

Ok...since Easter, Amiah has been on a CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD!!!

The other day, she told me..."Mom, I think I might be Drunk off Chocolate!?!?!"



Amiah's Nevada Open Cinderella Pageant in Las Vegas

Today Amiah participated in another Cinderella Pageant in Las Vegas. She did awesome, I am so proud of her. She has such an awesome personality, and she is so brave at her age! She isn't shy at all, she is very outgoing, and I love that about her!

We have been working every evening the past week for this pageant, and she did great!

She won prettiest party wear (Best Formal Dress) and Overall Tot Talent (Tot Personality on stage), which included a crown, sash, and trophy! She was so excited to get that crown and trophy! She loves doing pageants so much...I don't force her to do them, they are completely her decision, she asked me if she could do one...I figured since it was the last preliminary before State, she could do the Las Vegas pageant.
Here are some pictures of her on stage during the whole competition! She rocked it! Big thanks to my mom for being there supporting her, and taking pictures for me while I was backstage.
Here are the girls all lined up getting ready to go in for their Interview!
Here she is modeling her Casual Wear
Here she is modeling her Party Dress (Formal Wear)
Here she is doing her Tot Personality on Stage
Here she is after getting crowned

Here's a group shot of all the winners, along with state royalty.

Little Boys...Unattended...

This is what happens when Daddy leaves his son outside alone with the dog...and a can of spray paint!!! Yeah...



Aiden got a can of spray paint Jacob had outside...and he managed to paint the dog's face, as well as his own...and his pants...and his coat! Not cool...but pretty funny! I had to snap a few shots!

Easter 2009

Easter Traditions are the best! Between my family, and Jacob's we have one quite eventful day!

GOOD MORNING!!! Here are the two older kids checking out what the Easter Bunny left 5 a.m. All dressed, no hair brushed...ready to go to the Valley of Fire!
Notice...Aiden's already stuffed his checks with whatever he could find! That boy has one sweet tooth; silly guy!
Every year with Jacob's family, we wake up really really early and go to the Valley of Fire for sunrise mass at 6 a.m. ...(which we never seem to make it there on time!) Then we head over to the cabins, cook breakfast, and then hide Easter eggs for the kids. The eggs are filled with all sorts of yummy candies, and money! Once we are done with that we head to my family's Easter fun!
On our way to the Valley of Fire, it was a foggy morning in the Valley! I just snapped a picture while we were driving, it was very pretty...I thought to myself, why don't I get up this early every morning...then realized...I am not crazy! HA, just kidding...I love my sleep, that's why!

Here's the kids...all excited to be awake so early! Asking...when are we going to get there already!

My family we usually get together and have a big lunch with everyone, then we hide eggs...filled with confetti! Well this year, I made sure my mom put some extra sweet stuff in the flour, glitter, and vegetable oil! LOL!!! It was great!!! My family is crazy fun, we love Easter!

Here are a few picture throughout the whole Easter holiday we took! Enjoy!
Here are the kids on the Easter Egg hunt at the Valley of Fire.

Here is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa Dominguez with all their Grand babies!

Here is just a glimpse of what we do with my family...we are crazy, but we have so much fun! We try to involve everyone! We all are looking forward for next year. We are already thinking of idea's and ways to get people! I can't wait!!!
I hope everyone else had a great Easter, we sure did!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CC Fair Time!

It's that time of the year...when our little Valley gets invaded with tons and tons of visitors! The Clark County Fair was this last weekend, so we of course had to go check it out!

We went on Thursday and took the kids to ride the carnival rides. My mom helped me with the three kids until Jacob got off work, then he met up with us. Then Friday went back and watched some entertainment that was going on, and of course enjoyed the fair food...not so much the prices though...LOL. Jacob and Josh came out after they got off work...we didn't last too long Friday got really windy and cold on us...but we were ready to go home by that point!
Here is a few pictures we took of our fun fair time!
Here's Amiah riding the carousel with Grandma Jolley
Here's Aiden riding the motorcycles...Little Miss Amiah didn't want to ride on any other rides...she is a big chicken...but my little Aiden is fearless!
Here's Amiah petting a goat in the animal tent! Aiden wouldn't get too close to the animals, but my daughter loves animals, they didn't bother her one bit!

Here's Amiah enjoying some yummy cotton candy!

Here's Aiden and Jacob on the Ferris wheel! We were so proud of Aiden, he is so brave...Jacob had to hold onto Aiden tight, cause he kept trying to look over the side, and lean forward the whole time...I am telling you, that boy is fearless!!!
Here's a picture of Jeremiah hanging out in his stroller...he did really good for me, I was surprised!
Here's Aiden enjoying some dippin dots ice cream! A nice treat from Grandma Jolley!

Here's a picture of a really huge tiger we saw during the animal adventure show...they had a mountain lion, arctic fox, monkey's, birds, and a cheetah! Very cool!!! The kids had fun watching this show!
Here is the kid's sharing their Carmel/candy apples with each other!
Then we had to get the kid's face painted...right?!?! Aiden wanted to be spider man...and he made sure he told the lady to paint his whole face! Amiah wanted the unicorn! It sparkled with glitter, and she loved it!

Here's Jeremiah stretching on the ground taking a break, while the kid's run like crazy's in the grass!

We had a blast, got some sun...and spent lots of money...we are good for another year! HA HA

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Preschool Easter Egg Hunt

Last week the kids had their Easter Egg Hunt at the Park for preschool! They had lots of fun playing games with all the kids, and eating some lunch at the park. Then of course the egg hunt. They made out like champs! It was so funny, when the kids were eating their lunches after the egg hunt...Aiden just didn't want to leave his basket unattended on another table. He kept going over to check on it, and he would tell me to watch it, so the wind wouldn't blow it away! But after their lunch, it got a little too windy for the baby, so we got the kid's baskets and went home! Aiden was really excited to finally be able to check out his goodies! Amiah on the other hand wanted to play at the park all day! Sorry changes everything!

Jeremiah found his Thumb!

Over the last few weeks, Jeremiah found his thumb...and loves to either suck on it, (Naughty) or chew on it...I hope he grows out of it fast! Every time I see him sucking on it, I take it out real quick, and stick in the Binkie! He he he...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What is up with Aiden

On Monday morning, Aiden woke up with the puffyest pinkest eye ever! It looked like he had gotten beat up during the night...and he lost! I am not sure exactly what was wrong with him...Amiah had pink eye the week before, so I think he might of gotten it from her...but it went to just his eye lid. He said it didn't hurt, and it didn't itch...and he never got any gucky crap in it! So I am not sure what he had? I know that it went away after two days, then came back in the other eye...but it is going away in that one too! Poor little Aiden though, he looked terrible! Please don't pay attention to the peanut butter on his face...he was hungry at 12 am! HA HA!

Sleepy are we?

The other day I sent Aiden to his room to go clean it. It was a little quite after a while, which is never a good I went to check on him. I found him asleep on his floor in the middle of his closet door opening! I guess he was tired or something! LOL! I know he wasn't tired of cleaning...cause he didn't do anything!!! Little Stinker! But I had to grab a picture of it! Too funny! Notice him playing with his hair...that is how you know he is really tired.