Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eureka Camping

We own 160 acres in Eureka NV...last weekend Jacob and the two older kids went up there to go camping with Jacob's parent's, and his brother and his family! I stayed home with Jeremiah...I knew it was going to be so cold and rainy there...I didn't want to risk getting my little baby sick...I know, such a party pooper I am!

Well turns out, I was was cold, and rainy! They even got hailed on a couple of times. But they had fun! My kid's love to be outside, so they were in heaven. Here are a couple of pictures my mother-in-law took while they were up there.

Here is my super cute niece Gabriela! She is such a QT!

Maybe next time they go, it won't be so cold, and rainy! Then maybe just maybe I will go with them...I would like to see the property! We have owned it for 7 years now, and I still have not seen it! OOPS!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

How Sweet!

Sometimes they can just be so gosh darn cute!

I caught these two kiddo's cuddling on the sofa watching a movie a few weeks ago...I forgot about this picture until I just saw it in a file on my computer!

Too cute not to share!

Jeremiah's 6 months old!

I can't belive my baby is already 6 months old! He is growing up so fast! He is so much fun...he loves to scream, really loud! He loves to play peek-a-boo! He is always making me smile, and laugh! He loves to learn new things, he is always wathcing the two older kids, I know he just can't wait till he can run around with them!

Hogle Zoo

We went to the Hogel Zoo on Monday! That was probably the only decent day while we were up there too...we couldn't of asked for a better weather day! The sun was up, there was a slight breeze, it was great! The kids had fun looking at all the different animals. I liked watching all the monkey's the most...they were funny! Jeremiah took a nice nap while he was pushed around in the stroller. We had fun, then after that, my mom treated us to some ice cream at baskin robins! Yummy!

Amiah and those Snails!

While we were in Salt Lake, we kept finding snails! Amiah absolutely loved to play with them...she even tried to keep one trapped in a flower pot...but that snail is pretty smart, he escaped! But she sure had fun finding them, and watching them. It was really cool when the light would hit the side walk just right, you could see all their little snail trails.

2009 Jolley Family Reunion

This year for the Jolley Reunion they decided to celebrate my Grandpa's 90th Birthday!
He looks great for being 90!

It was fun to see all my aunt's, uncle's and cousin's. I had fun visiting with them! It has been 5 years since the last reunion. So it was fun to see them all again!

Salt Lake Fun

We went to Salt Lake City UT, for a little mini vacation! We had a blast the whole time we were up there...even if it poured almost everyday!

And so our adventures began; On Saturday morning, across the street from my sister's house was her little town's play day! It's called Holladay Days. So we went over there, and the kid's had a ton of fun jumping on the bounce houses, making crafts and painting. Amiah got her face painted...Aiden didn't want to, he decided to paint the face-painters face instead! I wish I could of had pictures...I forgot the camera that time...sorry!

Then after lunch we headed over to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. We had never been there before, so it was a lot of fun. The kid's had a great time, they really liked the part where they got to play in the water and sand. Jeremiah was screaming almost the whole time we were there...not cause he was mad...he is quit the happy baby...he is just very loud! He loves to scream, he found his voice, and he just likes to share!
After a while though, all the dinosaur's kind of just started looking a lot a like...bone-ish.

We saw some pretty cool things though. I can't believe how huge some of them were though.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hawaiian Bunko

This month's theme was Hawaiian at Toni's house! We had fun, we missed a lot of girls, but we had a good time with our fill-ins!
Watch out for next month's theme...WHITE TRASH! I can't wait...I need to go shopping at savers for sure!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Funny Story involving Amiah!

On Friday night Amiah's two aunts were over at Jacob's parents house getting ready to go to graduation. They both had on some cute little dresses, and Amiah was telling Victoria, that her dress was very beautiful, she loved it. Then she said that she also thought Maria's dress was pretty too, then she flipped her dress up...and noticed Maria's butt! She said to Maria, "Uh, I think you forgot your panties". We were laughing so hard...then I was like, Maria, or Victoria, you go show her you have underwear on, just show her what kind they are so she knows, and isn't confused! So Maria showed her the side part of her thong...and she was still so confused. She said, "What about the back side"? So I told Victoria to take her into the room, and then she showed her the whole thing. Then Victoria told her she will probably wear underwear like that when she gets older, and Amiah said, "Um, probably not though OK". It was so hilarious, we laughed about it all weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Aiden Aiden Aiden...

Doesn't he look so cute and innocent? HA...just read on folks!!!
Let me just tell you how my summer is going so far with Aiden!!! For some reason, he has been finding, and spraying anything and everything he can get his hands on. The other day, he got in the laundry room, he found the sunscreen...yeah, he pretty much went to town spraying as much things has he could. I walked by, (I have the most awesome sense of smell) smelling sunscreen, I called Aiden over, and asked him where he sprayed it. At first he said, "me no spray that"...HA, right! Then I said, "Aiden, where did you spray the sunscreen so I can clean it up, then he just starts pointing every where...on the door, on the wall, all over the floor, all over the cabinet, on the dryer, and the trash can, on the broom. He covered that place!
You would think the boy would learn, NO! Well, just the other night, he was helping me make dinner. Then I had to feed the baby a bottle. Jacob and Amiah were outside cooking steaks on the grill. Well, Jacob came in the kitchen asking Aiden why the ground was all wet...(I was thinking, huh, it shouldn't be wet, the water isn't on?) So I finish with the baby go in there, and yeah...Aiden got the 409 Granite cleaner...and WOW! Yeah let's just say he was in deep $#!%! He sprayed cleaner all over the tile floor, all over the counters, all over the wall, all over the food we just made, and all over the stove, all over the pans...he pretty much pissed me off to no end that night!
You think it would get better...well yeah right! Yesterday he was eating some soup, and he is always a bit messy, so we keep plenty of napkins on the table. Well thank goodness Jacob caught this one, cause I have had enough of it! Poor Aiden (right?), well he was dipping his napkin in the soup, then he was squeezing the broth into his mouth...only it wasn't really going into the mouth, more like all over his arm, down the table, on the chair, and of course all over the floor. AH! Can I get a break here? GEEZE!
Wow...let me just tell you I am so excited for summer! All of this was in a 4 day time period.
(My sister told me to write about all these stories...she thinks they are quit humorous...only I don't...but I do agree, I should write down all the crazy things that boys does)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jeremiah's New Hair Cut!!!

We did it, we finally gave Jeremiah a hair cut! It was much needed, I was secretly tucking his hair behind his ears, and the top was just far too long to mohawk any more...
It is always so sad to give you child their first hair cut...but he does look super cute!
Now he looks like his daddy, my two buzzed head guys!

(poor Aiden...his ear's stick out to much to buzz his head...we learned that a couple of years ago)

Smoore's Night

The other night we made s'moores with the kids in the back yard. It was their treat for doing so good for me while I attempted a photo shoot of them. Here is a picture of Amiah and Aiden roasting up their marshmallows.

They didn't like them to get any color on them what so ever...if it caught on fire, they were Jacob's to eat!

Kylie, Paige, and Jeremiah watching my two crazy's make a chocolate marshmallowy mess!
They were super yummy, it has been a while since I had one. Almost makes me want to go camping...or does it? Nah!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bunko...Prom Night!

This last month we had our monthly Bunko...And it was PROM NIGHT! We had a blast dressing up...well at least mostly everyone else did...I hate dresses personally! But it was way fun to see everyone all crazy'ed up! I loved Shawna's tin foil dress! (at least that is what they called it, but it wasn't really out of tin foil) Also congratulations to Brittnie, she was our Bunko 2009 Prom Queen! Can't wait for next month...

Left to Right
Sue, Natalie, Christal, Toni, Mindy, Brittnie, Kelly, Barb, Me, Shawna, and Stephanie

PS...We missed you Brook, hope everything goes well with the delivery!