Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Naughty Aiden

My little Naughty Boy! He loves water...and trucks! What fun would it be to add the two together! SO FUN, until you get caught and make a huge mess!
Here's Aiden cleaning up his fun...sorry bubba....but we have to keep the water in the bathroom.
I love this kid!

Salt Lake FUN!

The Day after Christmas my sister took Amiah and Aiden back to her house with her for a few days. I went up on Monday with my mom, and my cousin Jessy. We stayed until Wednesday and then came home.
The kids had a lot of fun staying up there with Misty and Stephanie. They didn't want to come home. Probably cause my sister just feed them m&m's and fruit snacks the whole time!!! Just kidding sister, I love you! Here are some pictures she took of the kids playing in her back yard.
It snowed almost the entire time we where up there. I took my cousin up there so we could do some fun Senior pictures in the snow. My sister held an umbrella for me while I took pictures. THANKS SISTER! Here is just one of many we took up there!
This is how bad it was snowing on us at the park we were at.
Here's Aiden with my umbrella.
Here are the kid's playing in the tree with Misty.
We went sledding, the kid's tried skiing, and we played games. All and all we just had fun being there and spending time with Misty, and playing in the snow. I didn't take my camera with us when we went sledding, cause it was snowing so much, I didn't want it to get wet. I wish I could of took pictures though, it was so fun, and the kid's loved it. We went on the some huge steep hills!
Thank you Misty for being such an awesome sister to me, and such a super duper fun aunt to my kiddo's they love you so much, and they had so much fun staying with you. We can't wait to see you again!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Santa spoiled our house once again! We are truly blessed to have such awesome family members to share our holidays with, we love you all so much! Thank you for everything you do for us.
The kids woke up around 7:30, and were so excited to see what Santa brought them. Here are some pictures of them with some of their new gifts!
Amiah standing by her new barbie house!
Aiden so excited for his Cycle Video Game!
Jeremiah playing with his lawn mower!
Here's Jeremiah playing with the wrapping!
We love having Christmas with my sister and my mom!
This year my mom made us a yummy breakfast! She wants to start a tradition with us...Christmas morning breakfast! Sounds good to me! Thanks Mom!
This Christmas was awesome, I think everyone got what they asked for? Ha Ha Ha...
My hubalicious got me a new Camera!!! It was such a surprise, I was so shocked...I balled like a baby! I love you Jake, thank you for everything you do for me, you mean the world to me!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

I love family traditions, it is so fun, and it is great to get together with everyone and enjoy the holidays! This year Christmas Eve was at my uncle Joe's house. We had a great time, enjoyed each other's company, laughed, played games, shed some tears, and just had a great time! Family is so important to us, we are so blessed to have such a close family! My family went to church at 6 p.m. for mass, then we went over to the Cullers for posole and tamales!
Here are some pictures of our evening.
My little musical boy Jeremiah was getting a free concert from Spencer. It was the cutest thing ever, I had to take his picture! Spencer was just playing away and signing, and my mom was holding Jeremiah, and that boy was just dancing, and just watching Spencer play that guitar! It was so cute, this lasted for a good 15 minutes! SO SO CUTE!
Here are my kid's putting on the Christmas story. They were the only kids this year, so Amiah was Mary, and Aiden was Joseph. Jeremiah was just every where, screaming, and just loving the attention.
Here they are just listening to the story being told.
Aiden trying to keep Jeremiah from running all over the place!
After the Story we sing songs, and then we open a Christmas Gift that night. Usually we draw names and exchange gifts. But this year we decided to do a white elephant gift exchange. It was so funny! There were some cool gifts, and some odd gifts...and a whole bunch of snuggies! The kids just got a present from the Cullers and Valerios, then all the adults participated in the WHGE.
Misty by far got the most exciting! (Thanks to Jonathan!) {It was a humping dog!}
Here's Ronnie sporting his snuggie, and a cool light!
Once your name was called you could either pick a present from the middle or have a chance to steal a gift from someone else. Apparently Grandma Milly didn't want anyone taking her Snuggie! She was hiding it under her legs! She is 96 years old! We love spending Christmas Eve with her, that is part of our tradition!
Happy Holiday's Everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Me and my good friend Kylie and my cousin Jessy had a bake day. We wanted to make goodie plates to hand out to some of our friends. It was so fun, and so exhausting! We made 11 different treats! Sorry, no pictures, we were too busy cooking. It was lots of fun, and I can't wait till the next one! Thanks girls, I had a blast with you!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Aiden's Preschool Christmas Program

Aiden's preschool Christmas program this year was very fun and entertaining. I love watching preschoolers sing songs...if you call it that! It is so cute, but so funny.
Here is the class all singing along to some Christmas songs they have been practicing to in class!
Uhm...Aiden held this girls hand almost the entire time, it was hilarious! I am not sure if he knew what he was doing, but it was so funny, and so adorable! I was cracking up!
Here is Aiden sitting on Santa's lap! Each child in the preschool class received a present from Santa.
Amiah knew she wasn't getting one, but she still wanted to sit on Santa's lap too.
We would of put Jeremiah on there, but he was passed out in Grandma Jolley's arms. He was so tired...poor baby! Just way to much excitement for him!
We enjoyed a turkey dinner with lot's of goodies! It was a fun night out with the family!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Amiah's Christmas School Program

Amiah's school puts on a Christmas program every year. They did awesome, they have a great music teacher that really gets into it. The kids sounded great, and it was fun to watch! Here is a picture of Amiah singing away to some Christmas songs.
They had the kindergarteners , 1st and 2nd graders all sing together, and then the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders sang together. Here is a full picture of Amiah's group!
They did so good, I was so proud of Amiah! She looked so cute up there in her pretty polka dot dress! We love you Amiah!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jeremiah Turns 1!

I can't believe it, my baby turned 1 years old! He is growing up way to fast. He is such a happy little guy! We love him so much! Here are some pictures from his birthday party we had for him!

But first I have to show you the birthday invitation I made for him! time for those fun cake pictures!!!

Here he is getting sang to, he really loved that part! (My little music boy!)
Now it's time to figure out what the heck this blue thing is in front of him!
(We had to make him a special cake...since he is allergic to eggs.)
Taste test!

YUM! That's Alright!

Taste some Brother! (He was all about sharing)

Now to try that stuff under the blue stuff! He had to dig a little to get a good chunk!
YUCK! I NO LIKEY CAKE! (The cake was actually really good...he has just never had anything sweet before...due to his allergies, so I guess that is a good sign he won't be sneaking any goodies for a while! LOL)

Now time to get all clean...cause you kind of got all crazy throwing that yucky stuff all over the was on the floor, on the walls, and all over me! What better way for a quick bath then the kitchen sink! OH YEAH!

OK, it's time to open some presents! WOW, You are one blessed boy!

Thank you to everyone who came, and made his birthday special! He loves all his new gifts, and we are so thankful to have such awesome family and friends! LOVE YOU ALL!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Play-Date at my House!

Me and my friends had another play date, and we managed to remember to take pictures this time! It is so fun to be able to get together with them. I always think it is so cool that we have all stayed in touch through all these years of being out of High School. I have the best friends ever!
I wanted to show you a picture of us before kids...and then one of us now! Look how much we have multiplied! We are even missing 3 of our kids too...they were at school!
Me, Ashlee, Mandy, Kylie, and Adriana
Adriana and Janeza, Kylie and Paige, Ashlee, Isaac, and Isabelle (Caleb's at school) Mandy and Alyssa (Damon is at school) And Me, Aiden and Jeremiah (Amiah's at school).
Thanks so much you guys, you are the greatest friends ever! I love you guys so much!