Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've got a Roller!

Jeremiah's rolling over at 2-1/2 months old! Well...only from his back to his belly! He is growing up too fast on me...and it isn't fair! He did it for the first time yesterday, and seems he is getting better at it each time.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back To Shooting!

Well, I think I am finally back to shooting! I have been doing some studio shooting off and on throughout the last few months, and I love it! But I think I am ready to get back into the swing of things! Maybe not quit weddings just yet...they do take a lot of time, but for sure with family, children, engagements, newborns, maternity, and sports. I am excited to get back to work, I love what I do!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Such a Sweety

Here is a little bit of a smile! It is hard to catch those smiles...especially when I have a big huge camera blocking my face to try to get Jeremiah to smile.
Pretty much every time he smiles at me, I always seem tear up; it is just the cutest thing in the world. Just last night, he busted out in the biggest laugh, it was the cutest laugh! I love it!
It makes it all worth it when you get those simple things! They just melt you up inside!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snow Day in New Harmony

We spent our President's Day in New Harmony playing in the snow at Jacob's aunts house. The kids had a blast in that white stuff.

They went on a tractor ride, Aiden got to help drive with Uncle George, and Amiah and Anna rode the sled on the back. They loved it, but it was really cold, so they took a break from that and went and played in it instead.

They made snow angels, and built a snow man.

Then they got into a snow ball fight with Jacob...I got out of there just in time...Jacob did happen to nail me, and got my camera! So I was out of there after that!

Once they decided they had enough coldness, they came in and enjoyed some Hot Chocolate and cookies. Their poor cheeks were so red!

Then after a few hours warming up, they wanted to go back out there again! So they went and played with Apollo their Labrador in the snow. That dog loves to play in the snow too! He was playing fetch and rolling everywhere! Aiden wanted to eat some snow, and Jacob had to warn him not to eat the yellow snow...due to Apollo! LOL!

It was a fun day, and it was really nice to get out and enjoy a day with the kids. I am glad they had so much fun! Jeremiah just hung out inside with his Grandma and Aunt Doloris, he was being spoiled, and staying warm!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

McKee Ranch

Today we all went to a birthday party for one of Amiah's friends at McKee Ranch! The kids had a blast! Thanks so much Toni, it was so much fun! From pony rides, feeding all the different types of animals, and playing with all the kids. Aiden and Amiah loved every minute, and didn't want to ever leave. There was rabbits, geese, donkeys, horses, pony's, pigs, and goats.
Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying the party!
Aiden feeding the donkey.

Amiah feeding a horse.
Aiden loving his pony ride!

Amiah loving her pony ride!

The kids playing on the merry-go-round thingy! LOL, I forget what these are called!
We had a fun Valentines Day, and we are so exhausted...Hope you all had a great day too! Happy Valentine's Day!

Jeremiah 2 Months Old!

I can't believe how big my little Jer-Bear is getting! The grow up way too fast and it isn't fair at all! He is 2 months old and weighs 12 lbs! He is such a happy baby! He is starting to smile and even laugh more and more. He finally found out how to suck on his fist, which he loves to do any chance he gets. He sleeps 5-6 hours at night for me, and he is the fastest eater ever!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Every year for Valentine's Day I give my kids a great big kiss with tons of lipstick on! I love it, I know my daughter likes it, not so sure about Aiden, and poor Jeremiah, just rolls with the punches!

Here is the kids with their Valentines today, and their big kiss on the cheek!


Our Valentine's Day present from Jacob! On Friday Jacob brought home this adorable little puppy! He is so cute, he is half Yorkie, and half Lhaso Apso. We named him Moe, since it looks like he has a mohawk! The kids absolutely adore him, he is so stinking cute. We just have to work on potty training...any good tips anyone?

Moapa Eagle

On our way to Vegas this morning I had my camera handy, and I took a snap shot of the Eagle on the mountain from the freeway inside the van. My kid's know all about the eagle on the hill, since they are going to preschool on the reservation! They love to look for it on our way out of Moapa. So here's our Moapa Eagle!

Car Rides with Head Phones!

Going on car rides in the mini-van rock! We have the most quite trips anywhere these days. My kids love their head phones, and I enjoy them myself actually! It is funny when Amiah talks, she always has to yell really loud, to talk over the noise in her ears! Cracks me up!

Here's Amiah watching Madagascar 2!

And Aiden, all zoned out! HA HA! I love it!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sleep Over with Grandma!

Thank goodness for Grandma's living so close! It is nice to get a break once in a while. The two older kids went and had a sleep over last night with Grandma Jolley, and they absolutely loved it!

They always get to stay up way too late, and eat as much sugar as possible...Then my mom always seems to bring them home way to early in the mornings for me...LOL! This morning she brought them home at 9 am...not much of a break for me today, but it was fun for them...besides she said they have been awake since 6 am, so they have been awake for a while! NICE, I guess I get stuck with sugar over-loaded grouchy's today! YEAH FOR ME!

I do love my mom, and my kids adore her as well. They love spending time with her, and I know she loves to spend time with them too! Thanks Mom for always being there for me and my kids!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mute Button!

Binky's Rule! I don't know what we would do without them...thank goodness Jeremiah loves his! He loves to suck on his...he has his favorites too, this one, and his blue one...we never leave home without them.

Valentine's Party at Preschool!

The kids brought home their Valentine's boxes they made in school today, so cute! They make them out of old cereal boxes, so clever I thought! They were so excited to come home and go through all their cards and of course candy! They scored big time!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bunko - Western Night!

I love bunko, and our theme nights! I scored my cool top at savers! I borrowed my hat from Jacob's Dad, it was a little on the big side, but hey, I had fun!

Group Shot!

From Left to Right Top...Toni, Brooke, Sue, Natalie, Christal, Brittnie
Bottom...Stephanie and Me! (Mindy R. took the picture, since she didn't dress up!)

Monday, February 9, 2009


We have had a lot of rain in the last month...It is great, cause our desert is starting to look more and more green!

It stinks for kids though, they can't go outside and play. It is too cold, and far to wet and muddy!

My kids do love to sit and watch it from the windows. This is their favorite spot when it rains. In the living room on top of the love sac. I took these pictures with my husbands little Kodak camera one morning before school. They just looked too cute.

Amiah's was sad, cause she knew she wasn't going to be able to play on the playground at school. Aiden was excited, he thought that for sure we were going to go on the four wheelers and get all muddy again, but I had to explain to him, that we can only do that when it isn't cold outside. Then he was disappointed.

I guess not everyone loves the rain? LOL! I know I do though!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LDS Logandale Church Destroyed by Fire!

Early this morning the Logandale LDS church building caught fire. They think it was due to an electric fan that was left running overnight to help dry the carpets after cleaning.

The firefighters were able to save an office building and church records, but the sanctuary was reduced to rubble.

Every time I drove by today, there were tons of people taking photo's and just hanging around the church. It sure was the talk of the town, and news stations as well!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friends & Babies Weekend!

Last weekend my friend Ashlee came down from AZ, so we all got together at her mom's house on Sunday in Overton. It was fun to see everyone, and their cute babies! Mandy all cute and pregnant, Kylie and her baby Paige, Adrianna and her baby Janeza, Brittney and her two girls Matty and Haley, and Ashlee with Caleb, Isabell, and Isaac, and of course me with my clan.
It always a joy to see all my friends, and their cute kids! I wish we could get together more often. I sure miss them, and love it when we are together like that, makes me think of High School days...only we didn't have babies! LOL!