Friday, July 31, 2009 fun!

Jeremiah has been teething...he finally got his first tooth, then two day's later the second one popped up! He looks so cute with his two bottom teeth. He sure knows how to use them too, he is a very good bitter...OUCH! Those little teeth are so sharp!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Salt Lake we come!

We spent the 24th of July weekend up in Utah with my sister! We had an absolute blast, she is the best sister ever!

She recently moved in a house with a fellow co-worker, along with her dog...LIZZY!
This dog was so funny! She didn't have any toys, so we bought her a couple while we stayed there.

We did all sorts of fun here are some pictures to show you! Here are the kid's running in sprinklers in the backyard. The house she is at is much fun things to do!

Here's Jeremiah relaxing in the shade.

The neighbors on both sides own horses, so that is where Amiah was always at! She absolutely just loves horses!

Later on that evening we went and watched the fireworks, here are some picture I took....sorry there was a power line in my picture.

Then we entertained everyone with bubble gum! Amiah was getting really good at blowing bubbles!

The next day we went to another bounce house! It was so fun, it is a little on the hot side...I swear the air conditioner was not working it's best. But that didn't stop us from having fun!

Here's Amiah and Misty resting on the tops of the double slides.

Here comes Misty!

Misty just thought she needed a picture of me going I tried to look like I was having a blast! I am such a dork!

OUCH...Stephanie got hurt! She kept getting burns going down the slides...(She is going to kill me for posting this picture, it was just too funny!)
Here's Amiah going down the big one! She had fun!

Here is Aiden and Misty playing on these mushroom things. Aiden had a blast, he was every where just going and going!

And here is Jeremiah...passed out in his stroller!
We had a blast up always! Can't wait to go back up! Hopefully sometime in September or October when the leaves start changing colors! Thanks Misty for everything!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've got a Crawler

Jeremiah is crawling! It happened...I didn't want it to, but he showed me! He is so cute!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White Trash Bunco!

We had so much fun with our white trash theme for Bunco! It was hilarious to see every one's outfits! This was one of my favorites by far!!! Here are some snap shots that we took.
L to R Barb, (holding my niece Gabi), Sue, Toni, Kellie, Mindy, and Me. Then on the bottom, Stephanie, Brittnie, and Christal
Here is a closeup of my nice makeup job! LOL...I was so scared that I was going to get pulled over looking like this! Thank goodness I didn't!
Here's Toni...Love the Insect Tattoo's!
Here's Christal and Brittnie! It was my idea to blackout some teeth! LOL
Then here's Sue...she won for the best costume! She was so funny with her box of smokes in her bra, and her cig behind her ear! Cracks me up!
I had fun with our theme's! We just drew for our 3rd year of Bunco...we decided on just having a game night, it can be any game you want, and if you want a theme you can choose one! So be prepared for some crazy's probably in October!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Ok, so I know I am a little late posting these...but better late then never right!

We had fun on the 4th! Jacob spoiled us with many awesome fireworks! We enjoyed the show, then ate some home made ice-cream! YUM! Here are just a few pictures of our evening!
Notice my daughter watching the fireworks with Joe...yeah, she is a big chicken when it comes to fireworks, she doesn't like the noise! Jeremiah love it, and Aiden, well let's just say he loved the first couple. Then he just constantly kept asking when can we eat the ice-cream! That is my sweet tooth boy for sure!

How Cute - Matching Kids!

I love having two boys! I get to match up their clothes kind of like twins! Why not match up all three with the colors! OK!

Here are my kiddo's all ready to go to Gabi's birthday party! MATCHING! Brown and Lime Green! I am not a fan of some of you know, but these kiddo's sure look cute in these colors! I am insane huh! My cousin Danette thinks so! HA HA! I promise...I won't do it too often OK! Just a few times...look how cute they all look though.

Gabi's 1 years old!

My niece Gabriela turned 1 on the 12th! She was so cute with her little birthday hat on at her birthday party! Here she is enjoying a super yummy cupcake! Happy Birthday Gabers! We love you!

Jeremiah and Paige

This last week, Jeremiah and Paige have become good friends! Here are just a couple of pictures of the two playing together.
Paige likes to push Jeremiah around in his walker. She can't walk yet, but she can hold on and push, so it is fun for the both of them! Jeremiah likes the free ride!

Yummy Treats!

I am always trying to keep my kid's busy with things to do during the day! Less TV, Video Games, and Less Messes I can't see! I love to have them in the kitchen with me, and they love it too! I got this idea from my sister, we made them at her place one time, and they were so good! I thought that we would give them a try!

You just take those square pretzels, and put a carmel hershey kiss on top, then place in the oven at 350 degrees for 2 minutes. Pull them out then place a M&M on the top. Let them cool, then enjoy! They are so good, and so easy to make. We used peanut butter M&M's!

Silly Baby

The other day Jeremiah was playing in his little toy gym, and he was leaning back spinning the ball, just laughing away! Amiah told me to hurry up and take a picture of him, I am glad I did! But so sorry it is so blurry, he was moving a lot. I just love this picture though...It makes me just want to kiss that neck of his! That is my favorite spot to kiss baby's, it is so soft right there!


We put Aiden's batman mask on Jeremiah! He loved it, he was so funny! We laughed and laughed at his reactions, he was so cute!

Sleepy are we?

Two nights in a row this boy has fallen asleep at the dinner table! I wonder if we need to start eating dinner at 5 pm or something? We eat at 6-30ish...that isn't too late is it? Poor sleepy guy! At least he ate most of his dinner.

My Jer-Bear is 7 months old now!

I can't believe he is already 7 months old. He is still not crawling, I like that too! He tries and tries, but just can't seem to catch on. Although he does love to walk in his walker! Maybe we will skip crawling and go straight to walking! That will buy me a few months of a none mobile baby! Ha ha. He is such a character, he is a screamer, and a frowner! If he doesn't know you, or if he gets scared, he does the saddest frown. But if he knows you, he will just light up, kick and wave his little arms, and let out the loudest high pitch scream! He is by far my happiest baby ever! We love you Jeremiah!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lighting Storm

Last week we had an amazing lighting storm light up the night here in our little Valley! I wanted to try to photograph it, I heard it was hard...but it was actually really easy, and so fun! I should of used a tripod, but it was my first attempt to try to capture the bolts! What do you think?

A Real Tea Party

Yesterday Aleesia came over to play with Amiah! These two are so cute, they both came into my room and asked me, "Can we have a real Tea Party?" I thought, heck yes! But first you have to get ready! So I got some makeup out for them; with no help the did it all. Next they put on some fancy dresses. While they were busy with that, I got some snacks ready for them. They had so much fun playing, and eating! I couldn't resist not taking a few pictures! I love girly stuff! They are just so cute!


Grandma Dominguez gave my son these HUGE marshmallows the other day! Aiden loved them, I couldn't believe how big they were!

I would love to see someone play chubby bunny with those! HA HA HA

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Car Wash? thanks - Never Again!

So last night, I went to Vegas to run some errands by myself, saving me the hassle of dealing with 3 kids in the stores. I was enjoying my evening just taking my time, the quietness, and shopping of course. Well it was getting late, so I really needed to get home. I thought I better fill up on some gas,but hey, why not I wash my car while I was there. My kids are afraid of those automatic car washes, so I don't get to go to them that often, so it was going to be a nice little treat for me and my car.

It's one of those kind where you have to put your car in neutral, and the railing takes your car through it, you just sit there and enjoy the ride...Right?
My car just started getting soapy, and then all the sudden, my car decides it's done, and wants to get off the railing! It goes up over the left rail, and gets stuck! I tried going in Drive to steer it out, nothing...I tried reverse...nothing! I am thinking...Great! Now what? I am stuck in this freaking car is 10 p.m at night, my husband is going to kill me! I get out, lock it up, and going inside the little gas station. The cashiers, are probably thinking...stupid woman drivers! They tried to help me out, they said to me, "It's all you now, you either need to call someone with a big truck or a tow truck, but you need to get your car out!" Really? I don't know of anyone with a big truck that was near me, plus it was like 10:30 now, everyone is in I called a tow truck, and he saved the day!
Thank goodness nothing was wrong with the car, or tires...everything was fine. Paid my $77 dollars, and then 45 minutes later, I was on my way home.

I think I will be washing my car at home for now on...I am truly traumatized!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pickles Please?

I love to eat pickles...and Jeremiah seems to be following in my footsteps! I gave him a pickle the other day, and he loved it! He didn't even make one sour face, he just sucked on that pickle. He had drool dripping from his pickle, arms and elbows. He was so cute, and he smelled yummy afterwards HA HA!

GOING PRIVATE...once again!

I am sorry to say I am going to go if you like looking at our blog, please give me your email so I can throw you an invite. This change will happen by the please get those emails to me quickly!

Thanks so much everyone!

He's Rock'in

So for the past week or so, Jeremiah has been getting up on his knee's rocking like he is about ready to crawl! I am so not ready for him to crawl...he is growing up way to fast!
He is so funny, he will get up on his toes and move his legs all over the place, but just can't seem to figure out how to move those arms yet. Let's hope he doesn't any time soon!
It's a whole new world when they learn to crawl! I know I have been there before...and I am not ready for that world just yet! But it looks like is could be very soon.