Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aiden's Preschool Graduation

I can't believe my little Aiden is already Graduating Preschool! He looked so cute in his little cap and gown. Here he is walking in leading the graduates.
Here he is accepting his certificate from his teacher Olivia Tom.
All proud of himself! SO CUTE!
Next the kids all put on a program with a Train Theme. They did so cute, they sang and danced for us. They were a lot of fun to watch, especially my son...the class clown!
Here he is dancing to a train song...he was really into it, it was really cute.
Then the children get to take turns and go on stage and say and do something of their choice. We asked Aiden what he was going to do. His reply was, "Something Crazy" me and Jacob just looked at each other thinking Oh No!
Here he is jumping like a frog! (Motor Skill Demonstration)
The he said the Pledge of Allegiance, which he did an excellent job at! (Until he slammed the microphone onto the ground) Crazy Boy!
Here's a picture I took right before we left the house to go to the Graduation Program. I can't believe how big he looks in his cap and gown.
Here is a picture of their entire class. What a fun group of kids!
We are so proud of you Aiden. So much energy in such a small little boy! You are always making me smile. You make me enjoy life, and appreciate the childhood stages. I can't wait to see what your future holds for you, always remember we love you! My sweet Crazy Aiden!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Amiah's May Day Dance

Amiah's very first May Day Dance!
Mrs Hauver's Kindergarten class did a western dance. They all looked so cute! Here is the class sitting patiently for their turn to dance.

It's Time!!! (Hi Mom) She looks so cute in her pink cowgirl hat and her black and pink boots!

Go Amiah Go!

Yee Haw!

You did awesome girl! We are so proud of you, you rocked it!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


What a wonderful weekend I had! I got the opportunity to meet my father's (true blooded) sister Johnna, her daughter Tawny, and her 3 children! My dad was adopted when he was young, him and his brother went to my Grandma Jolley, and their sister stayed and was raised by her Grandma. I have never gotten a chance to meet with his real sister...until now! Thanks to Facebook!!! It just so happened to be a weekend where my Uncle Joel and Aunt Sharla Jolley were coming through and staying with us for a couple of days, so we asked if they wanted to come too. It was like a family reunion Hughes Style! I could not believe how much I look like my relatives! I actually felt like I belonged somewhere! Me and my family don't look nothing a like, but I for sure take after my dad's side. I have always been told I look so much like my Aunt Johnna, but not until I met her I truly believe that! Here are some pictures we took while they were here! We took them and did the Vegas experience...we walked the strip and went site seeing...first time for my kids too!

Here are the kids at the Belliago Garden!

Here are the kids at the house playing games...individual shots!





Here are a few pictures we took before the headed back to their homes.
Me and Tawny (Cousins)

Johnna and Joel (Brother and Sister)

Me and Johnna (Niece and Aunt) Can you not see the resemblance?

Joel (Mayor) and Sharla (My Uncle and Aunt)

Aunt Johnna, and her Daughter Tawny, and her three kid's Skyler, Taytem, and Saylor

All the kids on the couch! (Jeremiah loved Skyler)

We had an awesome weekend, and I can't wait for the next visit! Miss you guys already!