Monday, September 20, 2010

Amiah's Cinderella Pageant

Amiah requested to do another pageant, so I looked to see when the next one in Vegas was, and we got signed up just in time. She did so good, as always. We practiced for a couple of weeks each night on her turns, and walking. So she was well prepared.

This was the largest group she has ever competed against, and she took 2nd place. She won Tot Beauty, and Tot Personality. I was so proud of her, and she was even more proud to of won a crown and trophy. Sorry these pictures are terrible, I forgot my camera, so I snagged these off the Cinderella website. Here is her group modeling their casual wear.

Here is her formal wear.

Here she is getting her crown, trophy, flowers, and certificate.

Then the big group shot of all the winners. (Guess we should of dressed in white huh? She kind of stands out lol)

Amiah I love you girl, you are so beautiful inside and out. You are the most sweetest and caring sister, and daughter. Our family is truly blessed to have you in our lives. I am so proud to be your mom, I love you my little my-my!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fishing at Woods Ranch in UT

We love fishing! We went to Cedar for the weekend to spend some time with my family up there; my sister meet up with us too. Saturday we spent the day at Joella's house, just playing games, and having some family fun! Then that night we got a hotel room, which the kids loved. Woke up Sunday morning and went and ate the continental breakfast. Poor Jeremiah just wasn't being himself, ended up throwing up all over me, the floor, and in the trash can, and even in the sink. I felt so bad, everyone was in there eating, and my poor baby is throwing up everywhere. Good thing we had changes of clothes. Once his belly kind of calmed down, we headed up to Grandpa's pond so the kids could do some fishing. My sister, and my uncle Joe came up and helped the kids too. Jeremiah took a good nap on the way up, thank goodness.

The adults were more eager to fish then the kids I thought this time. The fish were biting like crazy, it seems every time someone threw a line out, someone else was reeling one in. It was fun to watch their faces every time they caught one.

Here's Misty and Jeremiah fishing away!

Here's Jeremiah getting an up close view of a fish from his Daddy.

Here's Joe and Aiden fishing.

Here's Misty and Amiah checking out their fish they just caught!

Here's Jacob and Aiden after catching another fish!
We had a lot of fun, I only wished Jeremiah was feeling a little better that day. Poor guy, he did sleep good the way home though, and was just fine after that. It is amazing how fast those kids bounce back after being sick. We loved our fishing trip, and even more that my sister got to go fishing with the kids.