Monday, January 28, 2008

Amiah Turns 4!

Happy Birthday Amiah!

Friday, January 25, 2008

This is what happens when Dad watches the kids!

Last night, me and my mom went to Vegas to get some things. I left the kids home with Jacob, and when I got home...Jacob was playing his Xbox 360, and Amiah was on the computer playing a backyardagain's game...and Aiden...was washing the cat with some face wash? LOL! He had got my face wash, and decided that the cat needed some as well as himself. He had it everywhere...what is the funniest thing, Jacob had no clue what he was even doing in the kitchen...When I am home with the kids, and it is really quite...that is one clue that something isn't right. Jacob was too involved in his game, plus not to mention the volume was so loud when I came in on the TV. Aiden did a number...LOL! I am just glad he didn't eat it...that would have been scary! Here are some pictures.

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

The kids got this awesome dragon kite for Christmas, and we have been waiting for it to be windy, but not too windy where it is too cold. Finally yesterday was the perfect day to try it out. We got it up pretty high. Amiah would get scared when I would let more string go. She said she didn't want the kite to go all the way up to outer space. I told her that we didn't have enough string for that to happen. When Aiden would fly it, he would let more sting go, and the paddle would shake in his hand, and he would just start laughing....way funny! Here are some pictures of them flying it...enjoy!

Monday, January 21, 2008

My New Look!

I am known for constantly changing my hair style...Well, I did it again!

This is the new look for the month...LOL!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dance Recital

As you know, or you do know now...I teach a dance class. The ages range from 3-5 years old. They are called the Dancing Diva's.

It is a combo class that consists of ballet, and tap. Last night was our first recital. The girls did so good, I am so proud of them. We did 3 different dances, a tap, ballet, and ribbon dance.

Here are some photo's of them...Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

House Update!!

Here is this week's house update! We got windows, and a few doors. The air conditioner people are there doing their thing. And the plumbers are doing their thing by finishing up the pipe work. Jacob put all the black tar paper on the roof, and we just hope it stays on. We are supposed to have strong winds come through...only our luck! LOL! And, today our tile for our roof arrived! YEAH! Looks like that is what my husband is going to be doing this weekend!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Why is it so hard to get my son to smile decent for my camera...When I say, I get this scary CHEESE, that just cracks me is funny, but at the same time really annoying, cause I just want it to be natural. He hardly stands still as it is to get a good snap shot of him...

But I do have to admit, I love his eye lashes...

And his duck lips...HA!

State Royality

Amiah is Nevada State Cinderella Tiny Tot for 2007-2008

This was her 4th pageant she has been in, but this was the first time we took her to state, and she won overall!


Every year for Christmas, my family gets together on Christmas Eve night. We have dinner, and then we tell the story, of the night Jesus was born. The kids all act it out. This year Aiden was a Shepard, and Amiah was an angel. Devin and Elizabeth were Joseph and Mary, and Seth was the Donkey! LOL!

We all had so much fun. We love our Christmas traditions! After the program, we share special things we are thankful for, and what family means to us. Then we all exchange presents, and we get to open them that night.

Then Christmas day came, and it was great, once again, Santa did his work, and the kids were spoiled! Good Job Santa!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Turkey Day

We had Thanksgiving at Spencer's House in Las Vegas. It was great to have everyone together, we had lots of fun. Here are some photo's of good times.

Salt Lake Trip in October

We went to see my sister in October, the weather was great! She took us up in the canyon, the color's of the tree's were amazing! The tree's in Las Vegas, don't look like this! We had so much fun up there, we can't wait to go up in February to play in the snow!

I ended my year with a BANG!

OOPS...My bad! Totally my and my son were driving home from Overton on
11-18-07, I was looking towards my mom's house, trying to see if she was home. Then the car in front of my came to a dead stop, and was getting ready to make a left turn. I, not paying attention, totally didn't see them. When I finally noticed it was stopped, I slammed on my breaks and tried to miss it, but I caught the back right side of them. Fortunately we were all Ok. Aiden didn't make a sound the whole time. He had no clue what even happened. I on the other hand, was freaking out, I was so scared, and at the same time thankful we were Ok.

I sure had the town talking though...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

House Updates

As some or all of you know, we are building our house! We got passed the county, which took about 5 months...But we started and now we are almost completely done being framed!

It is exciting to finally see it in progress. We are so anxious to have it done.

We are doing owner-builder, so we are subbing out some of the work. Jacob is planning on doing a lot of the work him self, but it gets dark so early, and we are so ready for it to be done with quick, I think we might end up subbing out more of the work in the long run!

Here are some photo's of the progress in work.

Blogger...I gave in to the craze...

OK...there is a lot of my friends who have blogger now...I really like to read every one's story's, and look at pictures...SO, I gave into the craze. We will see how it goes, and if I can stay up to date on it.